Data Dump! (Scientific Papers)

A set of Scientific Papers collected and categorized for the community.

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Hold this spot for future additions

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This is amazing, thank you so much!


No problem, thank you for helping spread the world. Its going to take all of us working together to change the world with cannabis!


Nice page man! Keep it up!


Can’t wait to see this develop into something beautiful :alien:

Amazing work! Really glad to finally see a community of extractors coming together to share the knowledge like this. Kudos brotha!


Exactly i sure hope this site and knowledge spread like :fire: …great stuff

Thank you again Future4200 as a newbie with a year experience in extracts this is surely a great way for newbies to figure the scientific application for these topics. Putting to use the science there been taught in school/college or even if self taught. Every time I’ve be frustrated with a idk where to go from here moment in a extract situation (just generalizing to not drag on) I’ve said I wish someone would do a better skunk pharms with an up-to-date tech of What the big minds are running atm… poor. Becaareful what you wish for I guess. Thanks man


What a great start! Thank you to all who are making this happen!


What a great treasure trove of great material. I have my reading cut out for me. Thank you so much for sharing all of these pearls of wisdom.

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I have a few papers regarding HPLC-UV cannabinoid analysis. I noticed there was a GCMS folder in the analytical section, perhaps we could also make a HPLC folder?

I could start a new topic and post links for review if needed


Add to the HLPC folder in the “add here” folder

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I have to boot up my old pc to find all the scientific papers I have…most were Israeli studies… but I think a majority of it would be redundant because you’ve covered so much. I uploaded a classic that I did not see on there it helped me get started back in 2008 before ICmag became my go to. I figured no collection could be complete without Cannabis Alchemy - The Art of Modern Hashmaking. Truly glad to see this sharing of information!


Hey man first off thanks for all the info, I was really hoping to get this data when I click on the link it says nothing is left in the files is that something on my end or did you delete it?

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Must be something on your end. All looks good here (and on the mega mirror link)

This is awesome. Like Windex for the foggy windows of our community! Future is the MVP of 2018.


how is to upload? MEGA hub tells me I haz no write access.

Upload to google drive or directly here via the upload button.