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The Meta Category is a place to discuss the inner workings of and related services.

Data Dump

The location of the official Future4200 #data-dump

Botany and Cultivation

Cannabis has been cultivated across the world for thousands of years. The plant is notoriously versatile and can be used for everything for manufacturing and medicinal applications alike. In the modern cannabis space, cultivation isn’t merely a matter of production. The growth of cannabis plants incorporates cutting-edge technology, revolutionary methods and innovative techniques to produce greater yields and higher levels of quality than ever before.


This Category is for anything cannabis business related. Here you will find consultants, vendors and more.

Hempire Building

hemp - Illegal? Silly feds…
noun - the cannabis plant, especially when grown for its fiber.

Testing and Analytics

This category encompasses everything from in house to lab test results, quality assurance techniques, analytics, and data logging.

Hash and Stuff

Hash, a name derived from the arabic “hashish”, is a term that describes the separation of cannabis trichomes from the structure of the plant itself. Documented use of hash goes back to 900 A.D. but the collection of cannabis resin likely extends back before recorded history. The popularity of hash endures to this day and the advent of the internet has promoted widespread access to information about hash making processes and techniques.


Post up any upcoming cannabis events in this sub

Safety Regulation

This section will be for discussion related to the Safety, Laws, and Regulations regarding various aspects of cannabis culture.

Ground Up

The place for research and news on non cannabis plants, fungi and more.
Archaea and Bacteria? Sure.
Self-sustainability too!
All off topic but fun, useful, educational posts as oppose to the echo chamber (off topic, derailing, negative)

Private Threads

This is the place to request a new private group and an associated sub category for that group to function within

Echo Chamber

The Echo Chamber is for Off Topic Discussion. Usually negative we do not wish to be on the main forum. This can include NSFW content.
Flags in this section will mostly be ignored.
Threads that derail or get enough community flags, will end up here.
This is the where goes.