CO2 extraction in an Apeks machine.

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Try and move your post to a more appropriate section please. And what are you asking ?

Great i will. On a side note I’m new and an old man so maybe take it easy


What parameters are you running now?

We have a 20L apeks and have started to dial in.


Ya know was just looking for some kind of support/knowledge, which is what i thought this site was for… This should be where ya aint gotta be told where to post and then belittled.,pushed into groups or to be made to post things to the proper forum" just another bunch of freaking butholes on the web preaching their superiority to what you know. Enough with the intellectual hide and seek. If you dont know just say so

Moved your post to a more appropriate spot. And gave you useful links.

Here is another: Data Dump! (Scientific Papers)

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This is pretty much the same info in the op with yet addition of the biomass.

“I run a 20Lx5L CO2 extractor from Apeks. I run 13lbs a hit at 1800psi and extractor temp is 106 separator temp 39-47”

He seems to need a little bit more help in understanding what info to share.

Raybhayes1 hit up milehighdabz via dm. I think you might be able to get some help there.


@ExTek90 do you have a spare spoon lying around for @Raybhayes1 here?

I’m out of my wheelhouse when it comes to real world CO2 parameters.


Sure, just because you asked though, haha.

@Raybhayes1 efficiency with CO2 is different to tune depending on what you’re going for. If it’s rough crude and there’s no issue with proper post processing, try upping the temperature on your extraction vessel to push it deeper into supercritical ranges. More solubility means you can get more solute in your solution, simple enough.

The deeper into supercritical ranges you push, the better CO2 gets at being a solvent, which means the less time it takes to get all the constituents out. Other than that, upgrading your pump will increase efficiency.

I’ve not worked with an Apeks personally, but, the concept is the same. Pump speed, temperature, pressure. Getting any of those numbers higher will make your machine extract faster.

Last but not least, decarbing the material beforehand makes it easier to extract. THC will readily dissolve into a sub critical solution, but, THCa requires supercritical.


Does CBDA react in the same manner? Again thanks for sharing your wisdom. I aint the smartest dude however I understand exactly what your saying.


That’s correct.


So let me ask what do you know about using a centrifuge for the oil coming out of the rotovap? May have an opportunity to get one. Thoughts?

Extractor temp 105 1800psi separator temp 34 13lbs of mass 2hrs 45min run

Centrifuge for what reason?

I guess thats what I’m asking, could i use one to separate cbd from the oil?

After distillation, yes.

So i would have to take the oil through SPD before the centrifuge?


May I ask why you went with co2 if your end goal is CBD isolate?

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I apologize, your right and thanks for the help!

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