Is it possible to create Distillate from 160,000$ THC free?

I am a consultant that is sourcing materials for an extraction facility. The client would like to create distillate from Bio mass using ethanol. This client needs to identify with other scientists on the reality of what can be created from this amount. The expected output is 100lbs of Bio mass extraction to crude. Then to distillation. What is the minimum amount of equipment needed for the fastest return on 10% CBD bio mass.
The current plan is to use roto vap to create crude. winterize and created distillate. What would you do if you were asked to create an extraction facility with such a small amount?
I am not a scientist obviously. I am very attuned to the methodology and process. I have never worked in a lab. The client knows this of course. We want to source chinese equipment. Knowing that chinese equipment is not the highest quality but gets the job done. Avoiding tariff’s would be my preferred method for sourcing equipment.
What would a scientist do in this situation to create the proper environment so the customer is still happy? Producing 1-5kg per week minimum. Using 2, 20L roto vap. and whatever else needeth be.

Who can build an extraction CBD lab for 160,000?
What would your requirements for equipment be and your method for producing these results?

This client would like to produce THC free distillate as well. There is an emphasis on THC free processing.

I would like as many people’s opinions as possible so I can show this client what I mean without confusion.

Well a 160 can get You started that is all licenses etc are paid for
In equipment You Need a extraction unit like an ace spinner
A rotavap or still or both
An SPD 5 liter minimum
A lab freezer and chiller
Some filtration materiaal and off You go


when you say your going to use a rotovape to produce crude, can you elaborate?

sounds like you skipped a step. or not. but need to check.

I’m assuming you have read @Photon_noir’s Ethanol Extraction White Paper?

I’d tend to double that price if you’re trying to pass regulatory muster. but that’s without taking a hard look at your target throughput.

did you also see @Future’s General Hemp Processing Equipment Spreadsheet?

if you source some of your equipment used, and know what you’re doing it is certainly not impossible.

could be construed as

…can you recommend someone who could…

@precisionnick might have light to shed.


FYI I am knowledgable in extraction methods however I have never operated anything like this before. Please all bear with me as I am not a licensed professional. I am a novice/ beginner applying for licensing. I have lots of friends (Scientists) that tell me one thing and then I ask another tech/scientist (stranger) they tell me something entirely different. Please correct me if I have skipped, missed or am off in any way.

We will soak our bio mass in ethyl and then freeze to -80c
we then will use centrifuge to exhaust all matter that isn’t relevant
filter in a 50L buchner
then roto vap to recover the alcohol
decarboxilate in the oven
The next step is dependent on how it looks depending on color i imagine to decipher if one should re run in the roto or take it to short path for distilation.
We are planning on purchasing chromotography columns for thc removal.
@Photon_noir suggests recrystalization instead of using chromotography columns
after decarboxilation. I am slight confused as I have been suggested so many different methods for distillation.
I want to do this as easy and time efficient as possible.

short path and then into the columns? separating the THC first by color as it runs through the columns?.. final product being this end result after all of these steps.

what is the loss on something like this normally. I saw the charts and i get a bit lost trying to read someone’s excel spreadsheet.

Client is not concerned about max output. they want to be able to create at least 1-5kg per week. 1kg per day is our goal
we have secured location and will be buying equipment next week.

I have to present this project to the client as soon as possible and I am hiccuping on these mundande steps.

I appreciate everyone for their support and input. I am very aware of how marketing goes within the science equipment industry… Anything is possible… Encouragement is priceless, so is information. Thank you all for your input.

where to find a good centrifuge?


I would be happy to help you with this project if you’d like. If you are not concerned about the risk on Chinese equipment I can easily help you put together a full budget for this. DM me if interested.

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I’m not going to say its impossible to build, but it for sure won’t be compliant to NFPA/UL/CE/ATEX regs. You are talking about a garage/basement lab with Chinese gear for that budget. Is it possible? Maybe. Will it be compliant? No. Will you be shut down? Eventually. Is is safe? No way.

My advice is put together a proper business plan long term, raise the capital, and do it right. There is a massive amount of investment capital being thrown around in the space. If you can present half way decent you have a good shot at landing someone to fund your dream.

Good luck.


Good luck remediating THC with a manual column…


Highly Recommended For Newcomers. (:

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lol. I just joined yesterday sir. Thanks for the input. Not everyone is like you brother

I appreciate positive feedback. I understand all of you are so withit in comparison to little me. However. I appreciate if feedback could be presented as if you were the one posting. I see that there is a lot of bias and judgement based on knowledge that is nor provided by me. As far as garage extraction method. smh. If I had 200K to spend I really doubt I am extracting in a garage first of all. We have all of our licensing applied for and have an amazing tech working with us. Photon_noir has all of the expertise I require. Everyone else on here I hope you understand that its not hard to deter someone from science when they are asking questions. It is sad that we all cannot act like better leaders and build each other up rather than say stuff like this. Isn’t it wisest not to say anything at all if you plan on saying mean stuff. I made a life mission to provide REAL information to anyone that wants it. I have been told so many wishy washy things from so called professionals. Then I am told to come on here and ask these questions only to be ridiculed Thanks CASCADE botanicals… I see that there are a lot of scientist consultants on here that are not to helpful at all. I thought this was supposed to be a site that helped people not break them down. Apparently Social media is the same everywhere. Its sad I cannot get away from the facebook style of speaking here. So I hope in the future people will stick with being helpful rather than tearing us down for not knowing things. Isn’t that why this website is here? hmmm. I mean of all people @Future I figured you would be more of aleader. I send you a hello and you dont respond but you leave this message on my comment. WOWW. How old are we

I already have an investor @munkdooligan. I am very set with my proposal and everything. I would have said that if I was asked. I think I know how to run a business. I have owned and operated many.


I think the reaction you’re getting is based off of the way you’ve presented yourself. Your avatar is probably a trigger for a lot of people, especially in conjunction with your title as a “consultant”. Your admission that you’ve never worked in a lab, but have been hired to build one seems strange. It almost seems as if you might be the one who needs some consulting help. You might come as sort of a sterotypical white collar green rusher. My 2 cents.

That being said, we ARE here to help one another. I think some people have posted a few good things for you to read. No need to fan the flames.

Good luck!


So $160k budget to extract 100lb of biomass, then => distillate?

Assuming top-shelf flower at 25% cannabinoids and 75% extraction efficiency from start to finish you’re looking at about 10kg of finished product.

Which really could be achieved in a week in the right garage. Certainly with that budget (ok, except for the 17week lead times on critical equipment).

You’re not the first to complain about the tone around here. You might be the first who hasn’t pointed at me as the primary culprit. Spend two weeks reading. Then ask questions. The answers will make much more sense.

Purchased clues are available, ones you dig out yourself are free. Asking for spoonfed without waving cash does on occasion lead to disillusion. Usually patience or persistence will triumph.

If you’ve got @Photon_noir on your team you’re in good hands (and I’d wager he says $500k)