Physical state of various Cannabinoids

When it comes to isolating cannabinoids, one thing I have found is pure THC is more of an oil state while THCa is a crystal state. After a failed CBDa diamond mining experiment, I concluded that CBDa must also be an oil state like THC and CBD must be a crystal like THCa since it’s pretty common to purchase CBD isolate. However, I’m seeing tons of individuals claiming to make THC isolate (rather than distillate) and CBDa isolate and so on.

Can I get some first hand experts to share what they know regarding physical states of these cannabinoids in their pure form?

In doing some Product development synthesizing CBN through oxidizing THC, I’m almost certain that the CBN molecules behave as a crystal.

I hate to say it, but you must not have read much here.

Try the search bar, you can find pictures of crystalline CBDA.


There are several examples of crystalized cbda here and these dudes are all over the country and came up with crystal cbda independently of one another which is cool


Huge knowledge gap between “can be crystallized” and “behaves as a crystal”.

When enquiring about “physical state”, one has to be explicit about the conditions. Which is where STP comes in (standard temperature and pressure).

If you crystallize THCa, and have “isolate” at 99+% purity, then decarboxylate, you have THC isolate no?

You’ll also run into folks calling THCa isolate “thc isolate” as distinct from “isolate” which is often shorthand for CBD isolate.

Used to be you could get a PhD for crystallizing a single protein…”I tried and failed, therefore it is impossible” is certainly one way to approach the problem, but it wouldn’t fly in a crystallography lab.

Have you looked in the data dump?

Most everything you’re asking has been published 30 years or more ago.

Consider reading everything grandfather has written.

The Grandfather of Modern Cannabis


After reading this post I’m just so curious what this method of “developing CBN” is. Are you doing any type of analytics or are you just abusing some old D9 in a jar in the sunlight and assuming you’re making CBN?