cyro ethanol extraction unit for research

Hey guys and girls,

I’m building a research scale cold ethanol extraction system for my lab. will be procsessing up to 100g per run (3-4 ounce)

  1. -80c wash unit (placing the plant material in filter bag)
  2. -20 chilled centrifuge for winterization
  3. Rotovap for ethanol recovery

From your experience -

  1. what temp and how long should i wash?
  2. is -20 good for winterization?
  3. at this temp, how dense should the filter bag be?

Thanks !!

  1. You don’t need -80
  2. if you cryo extract w/etho properly, you don’t need winterization.
  3. filter bags are not enough in my experience, you need to run it through some filter cakes
  4. lots of info here to read and understand.

I would place a secondary filter bag at 1 micron. They make very tiny “cigar” filters.


so, i dont do winterization because the fats aren’t extracted, what about chlorophyll?
@lefties.cannabis is there a specific topic on cyro extraction or and overview bout’ the whole process?
@MagisterChemist - after the soak - > run thru a 1 micron filter?

There are tons of posts. On extraction, filtration, recovery, distillation, on the subtlety of temperature, vacuum as well the concoction of filter media…and waaaaay more.

Browse forums bit after some searches and you will find much more than expected, from the basic to absolute artistry.


thanks @kalakala, i’ll try to sum all of it and repost as a guidline for you guys

Futures Tek>Bucket Tek.

imo it makes more sense to wash IN the centrifuge.

based on your other posts (and number of PhD’s on your team) I assume you have In House analytics

if not, get them. NOW.
check extraction efficiency on every run.
times and temps will be dependent on biomass and solvent volume (flow rate).

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