Purification of Crude CBD Extract to Pure Isolate

Nope not a troll thread. I genuinely thought the powder contained CBD. I will send pictures once my solvent fully evaporates.

Here is what the website states: “Hemp Protein Powder is made from whole hemp seed meal that has had the oil removed.”

When they say the oil was removed, I’m not quite sure what they mean… at this point I think the powder most likely has little to no CBD.


The more you know…

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Hey, You need to do a distillation, that will bring up the CBD % up to 85%-90%.
You can get a short path distillation since you are running small batch.
You can find one online cheap and do some research on how to use it. Or you can DM me, i got a write up on how to use it.

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Jesus Christ… please don’t goad the poor boy on.


Hemp protein powder contains little to no CBD- go back to square one and consider another line of work.


I am not planning on doing this for a job, it’s purely experimentation.

I am interested in furthering the knowledge of everyone here through my own research and experimentation. Sorry if I offended you.

Start with some biology. Go read a book from the data dump on how cannabis is put together.

No. We did not take you seriously. It’s very hard to take the concept of isolating a compound found in the glandular trichomes, from starting material that contains NONE seriously. So the general consensus was you were trolling.

I applaud you for trying again.

I suggest you start here
Data Dump! (Scientific Papers) Check the books, and general biology


@cyclopath setting folks right on the nicest possible way! :+1:Its good to see someone not fly off the handle.


Thanks, I’ll get to researching. I still have to figure out where to get biomass in PA though. Hmm…

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Try using the search bar for " hemp biomass" or pm/call some of the verified vendors on here.

Or grow your own

Yeah. I can’t legally grow my own in PA but I found this on Google: https://www.buylegalmeds.com/product/cloud-n9ne-cbd-flower-strain-ac-dc/
It seems overpriced as hell though… $9.99/gram

FWIW You also can’t legally process hemp without a liscense.


Really? Even for personal use and with flower that has a legal amount of THC?

Well, upon further googling, I cannot find anything about PA requiring a separate liscense to process hemp.

Wisconsin, where I am currently located, requires a separate liscense for processing.

Hmm… Interesting. I’ll look into it.

surely the amish in PA must grow the dankest stuff around XD

I can help with your distillation

Thanks I’ll send you a message.

Has anyone here had success crystallizing CBD in an isopropanol solution? I don’t have access to fancy solvents.

looking for actual biomass?

I’m going to guess @pahemp can help.