RE: Data Dump! (Scientific Papers)

Data Dump! (Scientific Papers) i am basically computer dumb is there a good way to learn to navigate this site any help would be very much appreciated thanks for your time

The Search Icon (magnifier glass) here is going to be your friend. has a lot more hand holding, and well organized SOPs written by @future and other consultants.

You can invoke the new user tutorial by typing

@KnowledgeSeth start tutorial

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Just like any new territory, the only way you’re going to figure it out is to explore…

I would suggest using a mouse, keyboard, and a decent monitor. Exploring from your phone will just frustrate you.

click on shit. Read. Hit cancel if need be. Click some more.

You can’t hurt anything by clicking on it. And it can’t hurt you. So no point in being scared by it.

Unlike a book, it is searchable, and many related threads are cross-linked.

So try typing into the search bar to find that which you seek.