Data Dump! (Scientific Papers)

I have to boot up my old pc to find all the scientific papers I have…most were Israeli studies… but I think a majority of it would be redundant because you’ve covered so much. I uploaded a classic that I did not see on there it helped me get started back in 2008 before ICmag became my go to. I figured no collection could be complete without Cannabis Alchemy - The Art of Modern Hashmaking. Truly glad to see this sharing of information!


Hey man first off thanks for all the info, I was really hoping to get this data when I click on the link it says nothing is left in the files is that something on my end or did you delete it?

Must be something on your end. All looks good here (and on the mega mirror link)

This is awesome. Like Windex for the foggy windows of our community! Future is the MVP of 2018.


how is to upload? MEGA hub tells me I haz no write access.

Upload to google drive or directly here via the upload button.

would that be the big red button that I can’t find?

Why is the big red “work properly” button always &^&())ing invisible??


XD It’s tucked away nicely in the composition box.



magic button doesn’t appear till is composing message or reply.


I’m still not certain that uploading a file and attaching it to a post is the same as dropping the file into the MEGA folder.

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Problem is the folder doesn’t appear red for you…

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Much respect on the open information and the whole page overall. I’ve been pushing for the same open info sharing on the cultivation side of things for years now. I’ll add some docs to that section as well.

I have some background in organic chemistry, however the files I opened are a little above my difficulty level. Compounded by the fact I am a complete beginner in the field of marijuana. Anyone mind suggesting me a beginner friendly place to educate myself about the science of marijuana?

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what excatally do you want to learn about? There are maney feilds of study within this topic.

Thank you, much appreciated.

Overwhelming, thank you!!

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Sweet lit search. Thanks.

Couple new papers I just uploaded.

First one suggests cannabis is fucking up not only your own immune system, but also your genes and, through epigenetics, your offsprings immune system as well.

And this one is a great summary/citation for a bunch of medical research that’s been done with Cannabinoids


So the Good Life Gang includes your kids too huh?


Maybe someone can help fit this book (47 Mb) into the Data Dump! It’s “Molecular Stills,” Ridgeway, 1963. Very complete coverage of theory and many classical designs. Enjoy!


Thank you, this is fantastic!