Mass balance

I’ll be very gratful for yor help…
1.Please help me undestansd how mass balance works, how convert mass of dry flowers to oil, can’t find any information, thank you for help, and will be glad to get some ref-s.
2. More note, than quastion… Why cannabis extraction is so secret, it is just botanical extraction, and you can find a lot of papers with protocols, critical parameters in Pub Med, but cannabis…almost nothing, if you have some good scientific paper, please share
3. Cude oil-full spectrum , oil without distillation procedure, right? why it is more expensive?
4.Whether distillation is nessasary in crude oil production, i understand that peaple don’t do it, despite it may more “clean” product and put out contaminants.

  1. Did you try

Because there seems to be plenty of hits…

hint: follow the cannabinoids not the cadabinoids

Are you looking for How many lbs of biomass is it taking you guys to produce 1 kg CBD distillate?

or maybe even break down and ask the all knowing one?!?!

  1. check the data dump. You do understand cannabis has been schedule I world wide for 60 years because the US insisted? (

and don’t be silly: yields almost 750K hits

  1. full spectrum is a marketing term. More expensive than what? Crude sold without the hype? Sure…

  2. once you distill, it’s no longer crude. So distillation is never a required part of crude production.


Literally a gold mine of data and if you join the GoodLifeGang you get more access to more files.

Please use the :mag_right: next time.

All yellow love, GOL.

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Thanks a lot

Following the links makes them many times more useful…

Showing you how to fish (and where) makes more sense handing you said fish.

Perhaps you are unaware of image

On the off chance that you’d prefer not to receive the next fish upside the head…

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Not an explanation of mass balance. rather a demonstration of the concept.