How many lbs of biomass is it taking you guys to produce 1 kg CBD distillate?

I’m still trying to come up with a plan for myself for my first lab and one of the few roadblocks I’m hitting is finding an answer to the title! If some of you could share your experiences, that would be great!

Some more information:
I’m extracting with a Delta CUP-30 into Rotovaps into a KD6.
Solvent: 200 Proof Ethanol at -40 C


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Depends on the starting potency.




11-13% CBD hemp quality!

I understand it depends on the mill size, etc. Assuming it’s not finely milled and just trimmed/milled enough for maximum CBD extraction, how much biomass do you think it would take to get 1 kg or liter of oil?


Even if it’s high quality biomass 11-13%? 50-60 pounds for 1 liter? :o Wow.

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Yup 50lb trim to 1kg of second pass disty


For 11-12% Material 15-17 pounds for us yields anywhere between 1-1.2 Kilos of ready to go crude every 2-3 hours.


I can’t speak for Ethanol extractions, but we do hydrocarbon extraction and get about a kilo of unwinterized crude per run and each run is 16-20 lb of biomass.

Edit: oops @HoosierHill beat me to it

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There’s too many factors to tell you what you should expect. You should seek consulting if this is a question so you have a better understanding of the business you’re starting


You’re totally right.

I actually did have consulting done from someone here on Future4200! I will definitely seek consulting again when I get to the final stages, but I’m trying to manage as much as I can and organizing my thoughts and ideas before I take them to a consultant from the Future4200 fam.

trivial math…

10kg of biomass at 10% CBD =1kg of actual cannabidiol.

lets assume 85% extraction efficiency in that CUP, and a potency of 75% CBD on your crude.

…now your 10kg yields 0.85kg of actual CBD.
as the CBD is only at 75% you actually get 1.13kg of crude.

if that’s what you’re calling “CBD oil”, you’re done. understand that if you’ve used “hemp” at 10% CBD, your crude is now at 3-4% THC and is non-compliant.


Sorry, I should’ve used the term “CBD distillate.” I was in a rush and typing from my phone and didn’t realize how that could be an issue. Doh!

do you really think you’re the first one to need an answer to that question?

or the first to ask it on this forum?
it’s been answered.
more than once.

eg: Hemp Crude-Distillate Yields
or theoretical distillate yield?

and yeah, if you mean distillate, calling it “oil” doesn’t do anyone any favors.

have you figured out how you’re making “compliant” distillate yet?
because distillation is not going to get you there.

I use the search bar before asking any of my questions. I’ve pretty much been conditioned to do that spending so much time here.

I couldn’t find what I was looking for, but I’ll try again.

Yes, calling it “oil” over “distillate” was 100% my fault.

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what exactly did you search for?
was it that “CBD oil” that messed you up? seems to work well.

Were getting approx 800 grams of T free distillate from 15kg of biomass testing at about 12-15%

We do still have a little bit of fine tuning to do as our thc fractions have a little bit of cbd and cbc in them.


Hahaha, you’re cheeky :laughing:

I eventually realized I should use the word “yield.” Let this thread die now!

Thank you as always Mr. @Cyclopath.


No worries. Asking the correct question when you don’t know what you’re looking for is a non-trivial task.

While I can no longer claim to have read even 1/2 of what has been posted here, nor claim to remember even 1/2 of that, knowing the answer is here makes finding it easier, and cross linking related threads helps all of us.


Are you using chromotography equipment to fraction out the THC in the distillate? Or what method are you using?

Yes, were using a very manual form of chromatography, self packed 14L columns and collecting fractions manually and testing those fractions with our hplc.

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