theoretical distillate yield?

I have a company about 440 units of trim to make distilate. It was really good sugar from. I was averaging about 12-15% return when doing bro shatter. What should I get in return in liters from the 440 units? I don’t know the ratio breakdown for that

see: Trim to distillate or Actual vs Potential Yield expectations

my guestimate based on numbers others have posted is ~75% available cannabinoid content in input biomass. you can also just use ~80% of “crude”.

if we assume your trim was at 10-12% and your final product is 90% cannabinoids.

10% x440units => 44units cannabinoids.
75% of 44units is 33 units (at 100%)
at 90% that => 36.7 units

which is ~8% of initial starting weight. (and ~80% of your crude weight)


I would say closer to 50-55% of crude weight

My buddy averaged 75% of properly washed, purged, decarbd, winterized ethanol crude. I should get that mark as well.

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…and the reason that 80% of crude sounds high, is it should be 80% of available cannabinoids in that crude.

not 80% of mass of the 65% (75%) potency crude.

So that’s 90% of what’s in the plant => crude
& 80% of that makes it through distillation. ish.
for ~72% extraction efficiency overall.
no supporting data.


I run 14-18% trim through butane cls and get an average of 20% yield crude. Then through spd get 75% at 75%-90% distillate. It’ll all depend on starting material and end thc%.

@cyclopath Great break down on the math of extraction. You’re spot on


I tend to see 10% final return

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I’m getting about 7-10% yield on :fire:THC trim. Etoh washed