Best carrier oil through membrane walls ingestion

Man - I would just give you as much oil as you need if i was in a legal state. Thats a bullcrap situation man and my heart goes out to you. I understand what you are going through more than you know.


i read one recipe that was 1 part thc or cbd , 2 parts lecithin (emulsifier), 2 parts mct. I give 500mg CBD and 500mg THC. Bioavailability should be 6-20% via an encapsulated capsule through ingestion. We have had positive results from that too, but the expense may not make it feasable moving forward without help. So I am trying to fin a recipe to increase the bioavailability and what the actual bioavailability actual is. at 1000mg a day, I should be betweeb 60-200mg that actually is being used and more than likely on the lower end of 60-100mg actually reaching the blood. I am curious what the best ratio mix is to reach the equivalent dosing. At a 1-2-2 ratio what would it take to reach 100mg in the blood stream, 200-300-400-500-600mg of product compared to giving 1000mg of product. I would love to know that answer.

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I dont live in a legal state either…lol But her mother had a birthday party at a childrens place the last week of may and she was immune deficient and she got pneumonia and they cancelled her chemotherapy treatments and gave us a grave outlook. I had been preparing for that moment and researched plenty. We immediately started cannabis oil and below are the results with no chemo during the whole time. Just cannabis oil. Below is her chimerism results from her test. I know you are thinking why not keep doing the same thing, but I am getting to a point where I cant financially keep up and run out of things to sell and I cannot get any help financially. Therefor I am trying to figure out how to stretch the product out so I can try to afford it, but at the same time get the same amount of mg she is right now.

Total Donor Blood-T-Cells-Leukemia
June 3, 69-15-97
June 13, 91-15-97
June 17, 96-33-99
June 23, 94-55-99
July 2, 95-67-99 (BM Chimerism)
July 9, 96-72-99
July 16, 96-77-100
July 23, 96-84-99
Aug 1, 97-91-99 (BM Chimerism) blasts less than .01
Aug 6, 98-96-99
Aug 13, 98-97-99
Aug 27, 99-99-99 (full donor blood)
September 10, N/A yet

Where are you located I would like to make a donation for you, all for love & help! Dm me well talk more on dosing & everything else


Dm me also. I only have CBD.


DM me, we are willing to donate and have a great water soluble product that is extremely bio available for her. @Sparky75


Give this a shot.


What is this you say?:eyes:

It’s worth noting, anecdotally, terpenes can modulate the edible experience, and people can be allergic to certain terpenes. These are important factors in my experience with making medicinal oils for people…


He is talking about creating a emulsion … like nano or lipo emulsion so that the product becomes more bio avb. for his daughter. I think we should all come together here and help him. I am going to produce him a nano water soluble liquid with 100mg CBD 100mg THC per 1ml. If anyone here can produce CBD or THC acetate please reach out so we can provide him with some strong medicine.


Are people allergic to certain terpenes? If so, what are they?

Yes, they are/can be. As far as I know there isn’t any particular ones that are common. My brother is very allergic to pine sap smells, so I assume one of the pinenes is abrasive to him.

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Coconut oil + good oil … mix until homogenous. Add lecithin granules … mix until homogenous.

There’s been studies done now that show CBDA and THCA are thousands of times more bioavailable than their decarboxylated counterparts. I’m going to start making RSO from fresh flowers in hopes it will be better for pain management.

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Welcome to the future @EliteGP! Interesting to hear of increased bioavailability of acidic cannabinoids. I have heard that they are generally more effective as medicine for things like fighting inflammation, pain, or cancer. Perhaps the increased bioavailability is a major factor.


Regarding bioavailability, I have heard that mct oil will encapsulate the long chain molecule with a medium chain if the finished product goes through a cycle of freezing and heating to about 180f a few times, therefore improving bioavailability. I have no idea for certain if this is true, but I always froze and heated my oil just in case it was.

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can you cite them please.

…dropping the relevant papers in the data dump would be awesome too

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How do I add a link? I’m not able to.

Mix with some cocoa butter and make suppositories. You’ll increase availability by 40%. Nonpsychoactive as well. Best of luck!

I think he is referencing the following:

CBDa has also shown promise in the treatment of nausea via the activation of the serotonin receptor 5-HT(1A). As compared to CBD, CBDa was able to reduce toxin and motion induced vomiting in shrews at 1000x lower dosages (1).

(1) Bolognini, D., Rock, E. M., Cluny, N. L., Cascio, M. G., Limebeer, C. L., Duncan, M., Stott, C. G., Javid, F. A., Parker, L. A., & Pertwee, R. G. (2013).

More recently the study has been replicated, and similar results were found.

Rock, E. M., Sullivan, M. T., Collins, S. A., Goodman, H., Limebeer, C. L., Mechoulam, R., & Parker, L. A. (2020). Evaluation of repeated or acute treatment with cannabidiol (CBD), cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) or CBDA methyl ester (HU-580) on nausea and/or vomiting in rats and shrews. Psychopharmacology , 237 (9), 2621–2631.

As far as general bioavailability CBDa and THCa fall more into traditional drug design parameters and there are a few studies that show this, but this does not make it 1000x more bioavailable. For this application specifically, the acids are certainty more potent.