Delta 9 into Delta 8

Aluminum silicate is a fancy way to say “clay”.

Our T41 clay is ideal for that isomerization when used excessively in a hot distillation (or extra reflux). T41 is widely available from folks like @Killa12345 and vendors across the country. You can visit for SDSs and some SOPs.



link to paper with spectral data (extinction coefficents etc) on a number of cannabinoids.


Hello I honestly have never posted into a conversation with strangers online before. This thread could really help me decide if Delta 8 is a developing arena of profit. My step son owns a huge Multi million dollar e cig Vape Juice/ CBD products company/brand called “SAVAGE” He knows nothing of a mind altering experience. He knows I medicinally do. So he asked my husband and I to invest with him. I just can’t figure out who the main market of this stuff would go to? If your tolerance to it builds so fast. It seems you would quickly want some delta 9 then I bet quickly want full strength. My husband ate a half a cookie once and lost his mind for 4 hourrs I currently have my husband over $750,000 invested between a public traded holding company MJNE plus a delivery service in Vegas. I think I made better profit margins selling it in high school! This market is so flooded with morons that don’t even have a relationship with it but have the bank roll! We are not one of them. I sometimes feel I had a closer relationship to it before it went legal. Now nothing is as good as stuff that u pack .2 and get 5 hits that all taste good. I have love life and history of over 22 years with this plant. I want to discover possibilities rather than duplicate what’s being done. So I am trying to get a head of big corporate small minded thinking on this Delta 8 arena? If anyone has any thoughts on my randomness it would be great fully appreciated. I hope this makes sense I am not going to reread it or I would chicken out and deleted it.

This showed up in my inbox this morning.

Folks are catching on.

Somebody will have to end up in court before we have clarity imo.


good read, but I don’t see anything mentioned on there about delta 8, which imo is the real behemoth about to emerge

:thinking: guess I put that in there between the lines…probably before opening it.

they do mention “hemp-derived THC”, and you’re gonna have a really hard time convincing me that Δ8 Tetrahydrocannabinol falls outside of the definition of a THC… the varins are also THC’s, as are the other R-group variants (if you haven’t seen the data-dump yet… Data Dump! (Scientific Papers) ).

the “loophole” they are discussing is certainly that through which folks are hoping to/currently shipping their “Δ8” , and is very relevant to @JJolene’s question.

you can also make Δ9 from hemp, and should be able to navigate the rules in the exact same manner…the D8 high is not the same, but not everyone is looking for something they can be functional on. Many are looking for a Δ9 high, and tell has it that there folks selling Δ8 carts in non-rec states as Δ9.

There’s a straightfoward way to isomerize D9 into D8. It probably has more limitations than the obvious ones, but we didn’t experiment with it very much.

  1. Make D9 THC via distillation as usual. (It probably just needs to be decarboxylated from THCA to THC, but I dunno.)
  2. Redissolve the distillate into ethanol.
  3. Add activated carbon and stir it around. (This is what does it.)
  4. Filter out the carbon.
  5. Distill as usual.

It came out crystal clear, like water.
Before this process we had 86.7% D9
After this process we got 79.8% D8 with 7.2% D9 remaining.

We didn’t continue to experiment with this, so I know nothing about optimizations or variations.


This method is the best for D9 to D8 I find and always claimed


Is anyone here a consultant or have a facility, open for a facetime or know of any courses?
Background, I have a degree in environmental and sustainability studies with an econ minor with a passion for connections to multiple people with hemp farms. As an efficiency minded person with a passion for helping people see the benefits from both cbd and thc, I know there is a ton of product laying around in warehouses/storage because a variety of these growers didnt have a complete end market for how much they ended up with so my impetus is to help eliminate part of this problem. I have recently been given the information that I have people who would invest to make this happen to avoid lost or sitting product. My current problem is that I’ve been reading as much on the topic as I can but I have so little chemistry experience that I find myself googling so many just chemistry terms and basics that it seems so abstract, when Im a very in-person and hands on learner. Ive watched processes like extract labs youtube video at a smaller scale and want to see more of what it looks like at a bigger process.
I could provide you all the information I know and maybe there are some big words/ process as it seems but know I Appreciate the time and consideration.

Why bother, it’s already near the bottom of the market? Can you compete at <2000 a liter, and are you willing to risk jail to do so?


not a chemist?
probably shouldn’t be jumping into the conversion game at this stage.

are you really looking to go D9 => D8?!?

for what purpose?


Hes prolly trying to convert hemp waste into a sellable product


You see this one? Guy says they sent a potato with his d8 carts…

Meant to post in another thread. Fuck it.


Hahaha I need more backstory on why Loud House Hemp sent you a fuckin potato lmao

So many people buy .coms to sell illegal shit it’s hilarious…

D8 potatoes however is my new favorite subject


I just found it on reddit. I don’t smoke d8 personally.

The potatoe converts the remaining d9 while in transit


Makes sense…

Tater conversions

You think they have KOK opinion/revelation In fine print on their website? Like just In case the feds watchin…


The feds too busy trying to steal money. They don’t give a fuck about random product. It ain’t fenty. All I’ve learned throughout my life is they only want the money. Just like a robbery.

D8 should go to CBN production or edibles.