Washing Machine "Salad Spinner" tek

I’ve been using a washing machine for a while now and it works great(just make sure to buy a new one and wash it out before first use).

It’s a maytag and it was acting up after a few months of use because of the “auto sensing” features(whatever the hell that does) but you can modify it to spin and pump liquid out whenever you want.

Here’s a tutorial i found to convert your washing machine into a “salad spinner”.


Most valuable thing I’ve gained from this whole experience, right here


I’ve looked at using a washing machine before, the rpm is definetly higher than the hobart, do you do the entire extraction in the wm or just the spin cycle

Spin cycle.


Does anyone know if the plastics or gaskets in a washing machine are compatible with alcohol?
I purchased a stainless/ ptfe commercial spin dryer for this several years ago.

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I have some machines that have been spinning for over a year with no issues. It’s definitely not the preferred method though


Did you do any modifications to the machine prior?

Nope, but ive always wanted a simple on off switch


Just need to change the wiring for that no?

Yea, it’s a simple modification to add a switch. Or even better- timing switches. You’ll want to add a switch for the pump too. Just be careful with the capacitor.

There are better videos out there if you search for “washing machine salad spinner”.

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I used a light dimmer switch with an on/off rocker. It’s a simple wiring on the model I had. The motor was AC. Capacitor is used for start up.

There are four wires leading to the motor/capacitor assembly (not shown in video). Ground (green), neutral(blue), forward(yellow), and reverse (orange). I capped reverse. Colors may vary on your model so double check. Simple Google search for the tech manual gave me schematics of the motor, capacitor, and transformer.

Top off, control panel off, stripped out the other wiring harnesses and tubes…it spins faster than you’ll want…


If we are doing the spin cycle here with say ethanol, I would assume there are further modifications from that video to contain the ethanol, or are people actually letting ethanol go through the drain in the machine?


Through the internal pump, out the drain. I’ve yet to see one explode. Probably not rated for ethanol, but I have 2 that have been spinning for a couple years now


I bought a brand new whirlpool and I’ve never had a problem with the pump either. You can always modify it and add a better pump though.

Also you don’t need to add that salad spinning trash can thing that they had in the video. You can just put your weed-filled mesh bags in the washing machine as it is(just make sure they are balanced).


What kind of material is ok? Or just stick to silkscreen?

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I like the dry cleaning bags from Cascade @Sidco_Cat


This is used to recover the additional ethanol in your material post soak/ quick wash?




great idea!

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For anyone looking for an easy plug in controller for the washing machine conversion here you go…

I’ve talked with the guy for some time and he was always responsive. Whirlpool is preferred but he has a list of machines he’s already tested on. it’s as simple as looking at the bottom of the machine to make sure the modified wire harness lines up