What am I making?

Hello! I need help understanding what we are making and thought you all might be able to help me. This is our farm’s inaugural year. We are growing 1000 hemp plants in cannabis fashion and are using supercooled ethanol extraction on the flower. After the ethanol is saturated and the mixture collects at the bottom of the container, is this considered crude oil? I’m so confused over all the names of products (full spectrum hemp, broad spectrum hemp, CBD distillate…etc) After we pull out most of the alcohol through short path distillation, is this considered distillate then?

Thanks for any help.

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Crude oil is what you are left with after distilling or evaporating your solvent from your oil solvent mixture. Distillate is what you are left with after you take your crude through several steps including a short path or fractional distillation step.

No offense but you know surprisingly little about what you are trying to do/achieve. I highly recommend a consultant and there are many of us here to choose from. I think you need more than can be given for free.


That be tincture.

Start here Ethanol Extraction White Paper

Then the Bucket Tek (Cold Ethanol Extraction on a Budget) and Washing Machine "Salad Spinner" tek.

You’ll also need to wrap your head around solvent recovery and the pros and cons of Short Path vs Wiped Film. (All available for your reading pleasure :slight_smile:)

Jay-TL is probably correct that buying a couple or three mission critical clues is in order.

If you want isolate I recommend you chat w/ @QGA

You’ll need to do some reading to be able to chose an appropriate consultant. They’re not all created equal & the wrong one can leave you in tatters, or make you wish you’d stayed in taters :wink:


what I find most interesting is that the information is here, and is slowly getting buried in the repeated requests for said information.

we’ve got a tagging system that should help with that, but it requires work to keep them groomed.


I too have found that the really golden nuggets of info have fallen prey to the quicksand of information here. There is a lot of peer reviewed information but it gets buried as new posts drive it down.

I am not sure how that could be solved except some sort of internal ranking system that ranks each post according to usefulness and then somehow filing the stuff in order of relevence (or usefulness). I wanted to do one more slide show style run and document it but my slide shows get buried like others do. Since we tend to disagree on some points it would be tougher to rank these as usefule or not but it also occurred to me that this site has a huge volume of useful facts but it is tedious to track it down despite the overall excellent design of the layout…

Perhaps we can have featured articles/guests that could be pinned and highlight the work and thoughts of another. If such an article was pinned up high for a week or so it might find many more readers and especially if it is cross referenced back to other future4200 posts.ł

This site is great and irregardless of who is participating this site represents peer reviewed information and debate far better than any other site out there. I have read now hundreds of pages, references, diagrams and have exhauahsted all I can fin on researchgate.net, chempub, and the scores of online courses offere now throw universities. I subscribe to a noted chromatography forum as well as a litany of youtube subscritptions to online course from MIT and a slew of others. I have a range to judge.

Hands down this site presents far and away more accurace and useful information than the more esoteric sites. Within groups like reasearchgate.net they are hobbled from making generalizations or speculation or even anecdotal evidence. This means that after a very long time that then information can be vetted. However the difference between folks looking here and folks participating in research papers is the folks here are seeking practical answers for problems today and not endless debate with techno talk which often has no higher quality of data than that shown here. I recently had an emergency room doctor post a comment encouraging me to continue because he had never seen the kind of techniques shown. My point is that it would be nice to see a mechanism to pull out the more complete and “future4200 vetted” information.


What about using “stickies” to keep them permanently at the top?

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Or maybe a folder for “read me first” or “faq” and shrink down the relevant/interesting posts in those threads.


We could continue this under “site feedback”

Time for a FAQ?


Having good info buried, accessible for those who put effort in, but not so easy, that anyone without effort can do it, seems to be a good formula tbh. When you make things too easy people end up making poor choices, but if one has to work a bit they tend to protect themselves and the community more. At the same time, rating posts/authors does help eliminate really bad ideas which themselves may be hazardous.

The desire to make an easy-to-follow and idiot proof formula is truly based on noble intentions, but has historically only caused problems in my experience. So things like stickys have their use, especially for basic information, but I advise caution against having too much info too easily found. I’m totally down for tagging and a faq, etc, I just advise taking it a little slow and not making it the best and most complete