Gummy recipe and SOP inside

Dry ingredients
168 grams Gelatin
20 grams Citric acid
8 boxes of Jolly Rancher (79 grams in each package)
Wet ingredients
684 grams Corn Syrup
640 grams Water (ROOM TEMP)
40 ml of Propylene glycol
5 ml of Lorann Mold inhibitor
##.## grams of your target cannabinoid (2ed post will explain dosing calculations)

This makes 1200 small bears (for me).

Gather all necessary equipment and ingredients.

Wash all the dishes and molds to be used.
FYI…Washing will be your last step to…

As you wash the glassware to be used. Take note of the glass condition. Any broken or chipped glassware is to be discarded immediately. It sucks to find out during cleanup there is chipped glass and you DONT KNOW WHERE it’s hiding!

Rinse off molds. Cover the counter with a towel, beat each mold a few times on the towel. Put molds on a cookie sheet and place in oven. Set oven to around 300-350 F. Take out after molds are dry, 5-10 min. I have forgotten and left them in for over 45 min, no biggie (with my molds).

In the above Photo, you will notice that I have ALL ingredients weighed out for ALL of the flavors to be made. We have two people at work here. One is weighing all the dry ingredients and the other is weighing the wet ingredients. The KEY here is that the two workers VERIFY each others weights! (crucial step is to verify every-time)

Add all dry ingredients together as photo above. Mix dry ingredients together evenly with spatula or spoon (not shown).

Add the corn syrup before adding the ROOM TEMPERATURE water.

Mix with a spatula, mushing the clumps to the walls of the bowl. Make sure there are no clumps stuck to the bottom of the bowl. There is no need to go to town with the spatula, just make sure NO BIG CLUMPS and no clumps stuck to the BOTTOM.

Pull out the stick blender, and go to town. You will use the blender longer in this step, than is required for the cannabinoids being mixed. It takes me 3 minutes with the blender at this stage. Have hot water waiting, after mixing, wash off blender immediately (will save you a bunch of time).

Let the gelatin mix bloom for at least 20 minutes room temp on the counter. You can let the gelatin set for hours on the counter.

This is what my first batch looks like when it is bloomed.

This one set for a few hours before I got around to it. This one will require longer in the microwave as compared to the first one I mix up.

After bloomed, place bowl in microwave for 1 min. Remove bowl and stir with spatula. What you are doing here is dispersing the heat evenly in the bowl. Back in the microwave for another 1 min burst. Keep repeating these two steps until the batter reaches 120 F.
1 Min in my microwave equates to a 12 degrees rise in temperature.
Learn your microwave first. Your microwave may be more powerful, or your using a different type of bowl, or perhaps 1/2 size recipe.

I also prepare all of my beakers in the beginning with 40 ml of PG and the target cannabinoid. Mixing with a hotplate/stir bar. Target temp for PG is 120 F, everything seems to mix well at that temp (for me).

Right before you add the beaker of PG and cannabinoids into the bowl, give it another spin on the magnetic bar.

Dump in the PG and Lorann Mold inhibitor (potassium sorbate) . Try not to dump PG in the center of the bowl, like the pic above. The stick blender tends to get coated with the PG, if you put it right in the oil slick.

This is a better example. Also angle the blender skimming the top, so that it sucks in the dark oil slick. The reasons I use PG are, it mixes better into gelatin vs MCT oil and You can easily visualize it mixing into the gelatin.

Mixed with stick blender for 2 min. It want hurt anything to mix it for a longer period of time.

Grab a second set of hands, spatula, 6 ketchup bottles and a funnel.

Carefully pour the batter into the six ketchup bottles.
Screw on tops and make sure the caps are on, before WASHING the bottles off. You dont want to get sticky in your sous vide.

Place in 120 F hot water bath, warmed by a sous vide. These can stay in the hot bath for over an hour, but it only takes a few minutes to squeeze them into their molds.
Tip Notice what I have circled. If you dont use this bottle first, you will have to switch out tops. Because it will be clogged and you dont want to squeeze on the bottles that hard.

I have had a few tops pop off before.

Squeeze into the molds. Notice what I have circled, this is the end of the bottle, and the wook is in a hurry. The last few bears will have bubbles if your wook has no patience (or they know the get to keep the ugly ones).

If you take your time on the last few gummies. They will look like this. Hold the ketchup bottle straight up and softly and slowly squeeze. NO AIR.

Put the molds up so they are protected. Bag them up when no longer Tacky.
My target environment is 45% humidity, if the humidity is higher it will take longer to become non tacky. The temperature is not as important as the humidity, but <80 F is preferred. At 45% it will take 1 day for them to be ready.
@Dr.stanky He suggested using a refrigerator at this point, I shot him down. He was right and I was wrong. A refrigerator works just fine. You dont want to use a freezer, as it will leave a frost coating. That will turn into a wet coating, when dried they will be very tacky. However you can freeze gummies for a long time if need.

These are the brands we use.

If all the steps are done in a clean environment, you should get at least an 8 month shelf life. :cowboy_hat_face:


Calculating the :heart_eyes:Cannabinoids :heart_eyes:

There are a few thing need:
(1st) You need to know how many candies your mix makes. # of candies = X
(2ed) You need to know your target dose in each candy. target dose = Y
(3rd) You need to know the potency(%) of your target cannabinoid that is in your extract. = Z
(4th) You need to know simple math.

Lets say your making CBN gummies today and you want them to be 4mg in each candy.
I know the recipe above makes 1200 candies in my molds.
X * Y= (T) total mg needed.
1200 x 4mg = 4800mg (T).
Now if we are using a 96% CBN Isolate. 0.01 x 96%= .96 or (Z)
T divided by Z
4800mg divided by 0.96 = 5000mg
Change mg to grams by dividing by a 1000.
5000mg/1000= 5 grams of my 96% CBN Isolate needed.
Let say your making CBD gummies and you want them to be 35mg in each candy.
1200 x 35mg = 42000mg
This time we are using a distillate that is 91% CBD. 0.01 x 91% = .91
T divided by Z
42000mg divided by 0.91 = 46154mg
Change mg to grams
46.15 grams needed
If you wanted to make 10mg gummies :man_shrugging:
1200 x 10mg = 12000mg needed.
we have a 85% distillate = 0.85
12000 / 0.85 = 14117mg needed or 14.12 grams

EDIT…FYI my CBN did not test at 96%, there is really no math involved if I would of used 100% :kissing_heart:


Lets do some Math
Cost per Gummy
Jolly Rancher…$0.0066666667
Corn Syrup…$0.0015239212
Citric acid…$0.0000917768
Mold inhibitor…$0.0003038194

Total cost per Gummy = $0.050569596
It takes 2 people 35 min to make 1200 gummies. There are 2400 min in a 40 work week.
2400 min / 35 min = 68.57 batches per week.
68.54 (batches) x 1200 (gummies each batch) = 82,286 gummies per week with 2 people running the show.
Lets assume its costing $20.00 per hour per employee. 2 people work 40 hr each, 80 hours of work.
80 x 20 = $1600
Labor = 1600 / 82286 = $0.0194443769 per gummy
Lets say you bought 10 kilos of Isolate at $500 each plus $500 test.
10 x $500 = 5,000 + the $500 test = $5500
$5500 / 10 million mgs = $0.00055 per mg
0.00055 x 35mg(in each candy) = $0.01925 cost per candy
Jolly Rancher Jello
$1.00 per box at 8 boxes.
$8.00 / 1200(gummies) = $0.0066666667 per gummy
$121.00 for 12 pounds or 5448 grams. We use 168 grams per 1200 gummies.
$121 / 5448 = $0.0222099583 per gram
$0.0222099583 x 168 grams = $3.731277533 per 1200 gummies
$3.731277533 / 1200 = $0.0031093979 per gummy
Corn Syrup
$114 per 5 gallons
Corn syrup weighs 328 grams per 1 U.S. Cup
There are 16 cups per Gallon, so we have 130 cups in the 5 gallons.
328 grams x 130 cups = 42,640 grams per 5 Gallons.
$114 / 42,640 = $0.002673546 per gram of Corn Syrup, and we use 684 grams per batch.
$0.002673546 x 684 grams = $1.8287054409 per 1200 gummies.
$1.8287054409 / 1200 = $0.0015239212 per gummy.
Citric acid
$25.00 for 10 pounds or 4540 grams
$25 / 4540 = $0.0055066079 per gram, we use 20 grams per batch
$0.0055066079 x 20 grams = $0.1101321586 per batch of 1200 gummies
$0.1101321586 / 1200 = $0.0000917768 per gummy.
$102.00 for 5 Gallons or 18,927.05 ml
$102 / 18,927.05 = $0.0053891124 per ml, we use 40ml.
$0.0053891124 x 40 = $0.2155644963 per batch of 1200 gummies.
$0.2155644963 / 1200 = $0.0001796371 per gummy.
Mold inhibitor
$35.00 for 16oz or 480ml
$35.00 / 480ml = $0.0729166667 per ml, we use 5ml per 1200 gummies.
$0.0729166667 x 5ml = $0.3645833333 per batch of 1200
$0.3645833333 / 1200 = $0.0003038194 per gummy
Total cost per Gummy = $0.050569596
$0.050569596 x 30 candies = $1.52 per pack

EDIT…There a few things not accounted for like Rent and packaging.
Also none of the ingredients above were priced in BULK


Fantastic writeup!


Would be helpful for a link to the moulds and how many you used exactly, as this way there’s no trial and error for people making the exact same recipe here, as they know the precise amount of moulds needed for this much mixture, thanks again for the recipe they look amazing


Nice job brother! Way to “how to”:+1:


Let me know when you want to stop by and make the gummies. I have everything listed, just no time.


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Amazing write up! Thank you for taking the time to document everything, and post it all up here.


This is a links page for most things used.


Rack cover

Jolly Rancher (DONT BUY this from AMAZON)

Corn syrup

Loranns mold inhibitor



DHGate for cheaper prices on the molds.

Citric acid

Sous Vide (do not buy this one, it works great, but now it requires the geo location to be turned on the device that is opperating it)
I did not price check any of those links. Im sure you can find cheaper




Mistakes that I have made along the way. I did not even realize I was documenting mistakes at the time. I was just happy to be making Gummies. :man_facepalming:

Two steps away from being called Jello. Too much water and zero shelf life :man_facepalming:

This is an example of the infamous bubbles, that I keep claiming dont exist. Cant tell you what I was doing wrong, I was happy to be making gummies. :man_facepalming:

This one got real messy quick. Too much Gelatin was used in this test batch, playing havoc on my ketchup bottle tops. This one hurt, it was very hot when it popped off burning the fire out of my hand. They were like chewing rubber. :face_vomiting:

Not that big of a fan of granular coatings, too much sugar (for me).

Our first successful batch. But it took us over 6 months to find out just how successful. :partying_face:

Now, its pretty much smooth sailing :cowboy_hat_face:


wouldn’t you be able to get the bubbles out with a vibrating table or with a vacuum chamber?
Might be worth the time if done with higher dosed THC gummies, still awesome write-up!

It’s the wooks that make the bubbles with the ketchup bottles. They bang the bottles like it was an actual empty ketchup bottle squeezing the shit out of it introducing a bunch of air. I explained in the first post. And there is no more banging bottles on molds or taking the uglies home.


Torch em :joy:


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