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Level 2/3 Verifications, Future Travel Schedule ( 2 ) [Hempire Building] (26)

Trying to do a better job of Verifying Hemp Slangers while balancing real life. Ill be in LA this week, with some free time tomorrow afternoon for a possible level 3 verification, and definitely some level 2 meetups. I…

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66.7% CBD Crude and 17% CBD Flower for sale. Single or multiple Kilos available. 500-600 pounds of flower [Hempire Building] (8)
Verified Hemp Slangers ( 2 3 4 5 6 ) [Hemp Outlet] (108)

Due to popular demand by some of you looking to slang CBD, we are going to start a CBD slanger verification process. If you wish to be verified here are the rules: You will need to provide me samples with COAs of any…

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