Lab Direct - CBD iso and converted Liters

We have CBD iso ready to ship. Oregon. $325ea
CBD-ISO-101277 Batch 120623NOC (1).pdf (58.2 KB)


Just emailed you, happy holidays

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50kg D9 in stock - $700ea singles , $550ea 10+
located Eugene, Or

150 Liters available - $700 singles $550 10+
42140404-1.pdf (283.3 KB)


Bump - new coa

51040411-1.pdf (295.5 KB)

Thank you for putting all these mystery isomers into the market truly gods work

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I would be willing to bet that its not actually CBG in that D9

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Just curious, is one of the exo-THC or iso-THC isomers known to mimic CBG in retention time?

No, not on HPLC.


We add CBG ML in the process to give the final product some anti oxidation properties to minimize any color change. @justacusty @LordanLabs


Can we see the color?

-it will oxidize. We suggest keep lid on, in warm water bath, and add terps / other cannabinoids if going into carts

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I stand corrected! The product looks great as well, my hat’s off to you good sir.

Emailed you, looking forward to it!

250 Liters of D9 ready to ship. DM for info.

Looking for a sales person. See attached. DM for more info
Solida Labs_Sales Representative – April 2024.pdf (90.0 KB)
or send email to at:


400L ready to ship. DM for info.

Bump - hit me up if you need any liters.

Weekly deal - $500ea 20+ HMU

CBT available - 79%
2404CH0500.1981 - Solida Labs Inc - CBT-101380 (1).pdf (363.6 KB)

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