WTB : CBD Winterized Crude in bulk


I own a CGMP Hemp Processing Facility in Fort lupton Colorado and i am in constant need of bulk Winterized Decarbed Crude.

Im interested in a long term relationship with professional operators that can supply me with a chain of custody documentation and consistent clean product that preferably has their own supply chain with their own local farmers. The Lab does not need to be CGMP to supply me however the product must be free of pesticides, no waxes or fats and must be fully winterized decarbed crude. Currently using multiple vendors but always looking to add to my list of approved vendors and start a long term relationship . Im looking for someone that can supply larger numbers on a weekly, bi weekly or monthly basis from 1000L and above per shipment . Would prefer to do a test spot buy of a few barrels and then work on a supply contract once both sides are satisfied. If you read this and can’t but you know someone that can please tag them on this post. I appreciate you reading and sharing if you can help.

Looking forward to hearing from you and Happy Holidays Fam!

Mike M



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Calling doctor @Miles-Beyond


@Beasy321 is hot on his trail.

Thanks @SubstituteCreature


Anytime bro!


@Siosis can probably help.

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Much love @Akoyeh

I can absolutely help you. Between our 2 labs we have roughly 4000-5000 kilos of crude each week that has not been locked down by contract and that we typically spot sell that material.

Distillate we have I think 1000-2000 kilos per week also not already locked down by contract.


Thanks for reaching out, I got your DM.

We don’t do DIstillates but if you ever have a need for Live Resin High-Terpene-Extract from Fresh Frozen Hemp we got you covered. :muscle:

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Bump. Thank you everyone for the connections i have been buying so far and been happy with the new suppliers. Still looking for more product. Anyone else with crude or distillate in bulk ? Looking for weekly or biweekly purchases.

Let Me know if you can find crude please.

Met some solid suppliers but always looking to meet more reliable people to do business with. Thanks everyone for the DMs and introductions .