Level 2/3 Verifications, Future Travel Schedule

Trying to do a better job of Verifying Hemp Slangers while balancing real life.

Ill be in LA this week, with some free time tomorrow afternoon for a possible level 3 verification, and definitely some level 2 meetups.

I will be in Colorado on the 12th for a job, Colorado Springs specifically, and would consider doing several level 3 verifications while there.

I’d like to use this post to organize all the potential level 2 and 3 verifications, to possibly do multiple visits in one trip. If you want to be included on the lists, comment here with your state or country








Colorado. About an hour south of Colorado Springs.

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Did the system flag you when I tagged @verified_cbd_lvl1 ?

Nope. Didn’t get a notification from the group. Only got notification when you tagged me personally.

@sidco any idea why the level 1 slangers don’t have an @ like the @Verified_CBD_Lvl2 do?

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Grand junction colorado. West of Denver about 4 hours through I- 70.

Also after you leave denver you can check out my second facility in Selma Oregon. We are starting everything now in oregon so by the time you are there you will probably see all the machines being set up and test runs being done. Fully operational around march 15.


Out here in Western KY! Would love to have yah out at the lab and green house!


Wassup pueblo

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Come see us!

Nano labs in Oregon, Colorado, Oakland & Orange County California, Kentucky


Where at in Oregon?


We are in Tigard, Oregon.

@sidco is close, maybe we can get him to verify

yup, longmont colorado

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Yo, I am in Colorado Springs, definitely interested in getting verified on here. What exactly do you need to do to get verified, besides the samples/COA? Sorry if its posted elsewhere already…

read op aka first post in this thread, just scroll up

Lab in Ashland Oregon you can visit and office in Portland you can see how large our network is…please set aside some time we have the Full Spectrum Water Soluble 20%+ CBD Powder along with the normal CBD Distillate/isolate tolling options with labs and direct accces to farms nationwide. @Future


Lab in Oregon…

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