💎 THCA on deck🔥 10 g MOQ

Compliant <.3% THC THCa iso

10g @ $50
50g @ $180
100g @ $300
500g @ $1300
1kg @ $2400
5kg @ $1950 per kg
10kg @ $1850 per kg
20 kg @ $1750 per kg
40kg @ $1675 per Kg
Let’s go🚀

Diamonds also available upon request small facets to huge boulders


Brilliant great to see.

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Great product there.

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Thanks, it’s amazing, so cool, fun times


Appreciate it. Let me know, we got you


@Dr_Jebril here is a prime example of what im talking about with testing.

This products shows the total thc but we can clearly see the d9 levels are compliant.

Bump for octave for putting up excellent products and results.


No doubt this is high purity THCa.
But d9 levels are compliant with which rule ? :thinking:
Once decarboxylated, this turns all into THC.


The USDA rule is only for preharvest that doesnt concern the sales of hemp products.


Do you sell giant diamonds?


Whats your definition of giant diamonds?


Appreciate that, good look! This community has been really helpful in so many ways. I appreciate the community guiding to make good post that shared good information, and help others, learn and grow.

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How much are the giant ones?

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:gem: $3300 per kg on 10 MOQ
:sunglasses:$2000 a #



new to this forum, can we distribute this in EU for you.

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Good questions discuss it with your government and see if there is a clear path way to make that happen and I would be happy to assist in anyway I can

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Octave…your numbers are rather impressive…
And almost reflect values that some report for chalk which some time accumulates in the extraction column.
The photos of.the material (not the diamonds) seem to indicate a non hydroscopic powder?

Do you or your chemists represent this material as Cannabinoic acid with R-COOH form or do you prepare a carboxylate salt. I am just curious…? Do you have a melting point?

Because the EPA “notes” about methanol got me thinking about what might exactly be going on in the shop… I can think of a couple of things…but maybe unrelated endeavors.

There is no CBGA CBDA so we know what not up…
Usually one only see the chalk form from hydrocarbon and pressure. Was the COA data from a separate recrystallization of diamond material(?) and does not exactly represent the same as powder shown (?)…or is the powder ground from the diamonds? That COA is thought provoking.

I’m in state…I’d like to run some water analysis for hydrates in the range of 2.5-5%. Have you looked at hydrate or semi hydrate analysis?

Very nice work…@Alwaysworking has some very similar large scale results…similar. Again vey nice work.



Thank you appreciate the props, my my friend

No none of the products were made with methanol.

Thca has been butane or pentane

Thca is Milled diamonds, for uniform constancy and ease of degassing isolate

All cannabinoids are virgin and in original molecule structure no chemical driven salt crash

Our most recent inline process typically yeilds lower 90s % isolate not 99 like the earlier coa tho

I will track down and post our most recent, full panel, COA, no solvents, etc.



Yeah, we’ve recently cracked the code on getting our THCA clean and consistent, always have lots to learn and open to feedback and guidance, appreciate the community and the questions. Hopefully I was able to answer some of the questions. Let me know if there’s anything I missed or should learn thank you.