Wholesale and white label Vegan Organic Nano Pectin gummies! We will beat anyones pricing! Dm us for details!

We are taking on new white label and whole sale clients for our pectin gummies!

Our recipe is different then other manufacturers because we do not use any artificial colors, artificial flavors or corn syrup. Also our recipe itself makes our gummies Nano as we use a homogenizer to break down the particle size on the cannabinoids

Standard cannabinoids offered:

30 mg cbd
30 mg cbg
10 mg cbn
30 mg d8
9/10 mg d9
30 mg hhc

1-12k pieces - 25 cents each
12k-49k pieces - 20 cents each
50k-99k pieces - 18 cents each
100k pieces+ - 15 cents each

Ingredients list
Tapioca Syrup, Cane Sugar, Pectin, Citric Acid, Natural Flavoring, Organic Colors (from Fruits and Vegetables), Sunflower Oil, Sodium Citrate

Blue Raspberry
Green Apple
Dragon Fruit
Orange Creamsickle
Black Cherry
Pink grapefruit

If youd like to read about our gummies visit the below thread to see reviews:

If youre serious about buying and would like a sample reply to this thread or DM me

Custom formulations available with a 3k piece MOQ, we can usually get custom orders made in a week unless its 100k+

Our standard gummy is a 2.5 ml 3.2 gram gummy that is the size of a starburst

We also have a 3.5 ml 4.3 gram cube mold that we only really use for 10 MG d9

Below are some pictures of our gummies along with COAs on custom formulations that we have made for clients

These are some hemp derived rosin gummies(pricing not listed above)

100 mg cbd gummys that were tested by KCA and tested exactly at what they were formulated to be

Below is a 9.5 mg d9 gummy that was made for a client


As a wholesale customer of this guy for a while now, I can say his gummies are bangin.

Prices, shipping times, communication on custom batches, all on point

Would definitely recommend


Thank you for the kind words brother!

Whenever you need some more gummies just lmk!

I can also do lotions, tinctures and non crystallizing cbd carts too if youre interested


Hi. Dm me please

Hey man. Send a Dm when you can !

Have some questions about custom formulations. Also interested in receiving samples if you have any available.

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Ill dm you right now

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Another successful order :pray: thanks dood. the people can’t get enough of em


Let me know what you think of the new flavors

Ill get you some samples of the rosin gummies soon, i want you to try them they are so good lol


Can you shoot me a dm ur profile is private

Dm sent

Interested! Please dm

Dm sent

Received few flavors. All were good. These are high quality gummies. As far as the candy making it is definitely on point. The effects were also what were expected. I’ve tried several brands at different Cali dispensary’s and these are just as good or not better then the top shelf they sell. Thanks again @Kingofthekush420


Thank you for your review! If you ever need any more let me know. I dont think I sent you any rosin gummies to try because I was out of them but i will next time i should have some in stock soon


Interested, I can’t DM you though your profile is private. Can you DM me please?

Dm sent

I’ve sampled. Delicious, good texture and supplying some great brands we all know and love. Highly recommended. :heart:


Let me know if youd like to try my new rosin gummies everyone thats tried them loves them

I never say no to gummies. :heart: