Federally Legal Hemp Derived D9/D9THCO/HHC Pectin Gummies FREE SAMPLES!

I wanted to make a new thread since the last one got thrown off topic and became too much work to split

I ask that we keep the talk in this thread to talk about gummies, If you want to talk about bioavailability please post in the other thread.

Like the title says I wanted to offer free samples to the forum, all you have to do is DM me and Ill get you a sample jar of 50 gummies sent out. All I ask is for an honest review. These will be D9 thc and d9 thc o gummies unless youd prefer D8 gummies.

As of right now I have Strawberry, Watermelon, Orange, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Mango, and Pineapple for flavors, with another 6 (Cherry, Pink Grapefruit, Grape, Lime, Lemon, and Peach) on the way.

These are a 3 gram gummy, (around the size of a starburst), with no artificial colorings, no artificial flavorings, and no high fructose corn syrup.

Below is a pictures of the jars of gummies themselves.

Here’s the ingredients and nutritional facts


@Capttripppp, if you’d like to leave your review still please do it in this thread!


I wona tast all your flavors, that you are proud of. I dont need full jars, just one or two of each will do me.

Can you DM a COA from one of your batches? I’d like to get a better understanding of what’s going on here.


Unable to dm you


Now you know how it feels…lol

@Kingofthekush420 Do your bottles really have a 50 count?


This is how you dm someone who has a private profile in case people were wondering

I dmed you too @Pupparoo


Yes, they have a child resistant top too

If you get me an address I’ll send you a bottle with some d9 and thco gummies to try

I’ll send you a coa when I’m not driving

I’ll get on it today!

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First off I will say that we were looking for a compliant gummy that is higher than 5mg. KOTK was able to supply a 9mg compliant gummy. He also sent along a bag of his THC-o gummies. First off, the flavor was totally on point. The THC-o you were able to taste the tincture more, but you should because thy are 15mg. It’s only naturally that you would start tasting the tincture at that dose. (At least in my mind anyway….)

All of the flavors were absolutely amazing! Simply one of the best tasting gummies I’ve had the chance of trying. (Understand, I’m not out here trying everyone’s gummies because I’m the kind of person that eats 1gram of RSO upon waking up. So 9mg doesn’t do much for me, and I don’t have the desire to eat a handful of gummies. However, this level dose of gummie works amazing for older people. They’ve been taking them for chronic pain with excellent results.

So all in all, I would recommend his gummies if you are looking for a higher dosed compliant gummy. Also the THC-o had great affect on me, but it just made me tired. Which is to say I slept well, which is too say that is my biggest issue since coming off of psychotropic medications. But guaranteed to hit much harder than the regular gummies, and can also be brought in at a higher dose due to being Hemp derived.

The biggest problem I have, and this is industry wide, is the coating in sugar. I understand why it’s necessary, but I don’t eat 10 at a time because that’s like ½ cup of sugar. I know why it’s done, and that it’s somewhat necessary. However I just hate consuming that level of sugar to catch a weed buzz.

I do recommend giving his a shot just to see how they are. Best flavor yet!


The “negatives” for me: I prefer the texture and mouthfeel of gelatin gummies over pectin, and at 9mg it’s too small of a dosing to be used to medicate for me.

Beyond that, the flavors are very good and true to their naming; not a one in the bunch had an off taste or anything unpleasant, the bitterness of the distillate is only vaguely present.

I too am not out there sampling gummies left and right, that said I’d happily recommend these and would sell them myself if that were my thing.


Totally understand about the sugar coating, I also have a tapioca starch coating that can be used instead of the sugar coating to help reduce the amount of sugar.

I’m also doing a grape gummies that’ll be coated in peanut powder and will ve a “pb&j gummy”

I’ll get you some of these to sample when I get them done as I bet you’ll love them :grin:

As always thanks for the review @Capttripppp!


That’s the one thing that kinda sucks about doing d9, you’re really limited to how much you can put into a gummy when going for “hemp derived”.

The 9 mg d9 are really meant to imitate the d9 gummies found here in CA dispensaries that are 15 bucks for a 10 pack, I wanted to be able to offer the same produce for a fraction of the price to help consumers who can’t afford 15 dollars for 10 gummies.

Did you get to try the thc o? They were only 15 mg but stronger. Ill be making some 25 mg thc o along with some 30 mg hhc gummies, id love for you to try some of the higher dosage stuff to see what you think.


Been watching your progress on these and I’d definitely like to try some!


Id love to try these also if possible

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what is your unit price? i would also be interested in a sample of compliant d8 and/or thco gummies, i would be happy to pay for it. thank you

Please DM me pricing

I’m unable to DM you, unfortunately.

scroll up. he showed one way to do it already

I don’t have that option.
I only have Like, Share, Bookmark and Reply

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You should have a dm from me

I’ll be responding to everyone that dmed me when I get back in a day or two to my house

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