Thcp gummies with Mushroom extracts

Anyone have THCp in Edibles testimonials?

Can’t imagine wtf this does with mushrooms.

Reminds me of the “microdosing is better” “magic mushroom gummies” made by the clowns at mycroboost that don’t disclose they contain HHC anywhere on the packaging, other than hinting at it in the fine print with “full spectrum hemp extract” . That was a fun trip on no tolerance without expecting it :man_facepalming:

These guys sell to idiots at smoke shops who sell to other idiots who think they are getting high off the real thing. But they are just dosing them with sketchy thc. Sucks. Guarantee half the people eating those have no idea what THCp is and won’t even read the packaging enough to realize that’s what’s getting them high

I don’t see THCp anywhere on the front of this bag. Wonder if they even include it on the back.


Hemp trends 2024: “they’re not dead yet. Add some mushrooms”


I don’t get that at ALL. Put whatever you want to into your gummies, but then put all the ingredients on the label. Lots of people want to get high, no need to involve people who don’t.


THCp sounds like a nightmare experience for someone who has no tolerance and expected mushrooms.


I know we aren’t supposed to brigade, rape, and murder these folks…But these aren’t products to help people with a good time.

These folks should be stabbed in the lower gut and stuffed near a pay phone.

Post-coffee I still hate these chem-mush products. The comment above saying you should at least label it accurately is spot on.


This is what mainstream Hemp is. Industry is a joke at retail smoke shops.

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Here’s the garbage I mentioned made by mycroboost. Same idea. Nowhere does it say HHC on the packaging, or even when you scan the QR code. But I ate 30mg of HHC on no tolerance thinking it was a lions mane gummy. While I had covid :man_facepalming: my mistake, but if it could fool me it could fool any unsuspecting custy, right?! Basically just dosing people at this point… bums me out this is where we are at


Did you contact them? What do they have to say for themselves?

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Uggg I think I can now officially say that the RC busniss has merged with the hemp/cannabis busines.
There go s my dream of leaving the Rc ‘s


Just posted about similar ones. Most are claiming a “proprietary nootropics blend”
That blend (from multiple is this)
5-htp (a.k.a. 5-hydroxytryptophan), rhodiola rosea, lion’s mane, mimosa hostilis root, phenylethylamine hydrochloride, cyanocobalamin (b12), and cholecalciferol (d3).

Wondering if the 5htp mixed with the mimosa hostilis and phenylethlamine hydrlochloride are acting similar to a hydrcholoric acid extraction of DMT from mimosa root but within your stomach.
Could be totally out there with this theory but.

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nobody needs to consumje thcp hhcp hhcpo etc. stuff is rediculously strong and will black you out and seriously impair your motor skills for days pst ingestion

this is no longer the “Hemp Industry” its an unregulated open air research chemical market

I dont even understand how or why anyone would even want to consume aminita muscaria to begin with let alone mix it with thcp

as far as good drugs go we are going backwards as a society and a counter culture and it honestly depressing


I’m sure this is half of the booths at champs right now.


It’s par for the course.
God help anyone who’s still trying to be legit when this is what they’re up against.


especialy with bad players like @Bret_HoneyGold @Tre_HoneyGold telling people with heavy tolerance its ok to dab 100mg of thcp, hhcp and hhcpo

pretty clever how he sneaks all this in on the back of his corupt lobying efforts

@Bret_HoneyGold what are all those unknows in your mid grade THCP industrial hemp derived nutracetical extract ?? LMFAO

how come nobody wants to adress this giant elephant in the room???


Probably because sadly a lot are in need for the income of such products
It s amazing to see how many sellers have cb9 on the menu but not a cleu what it is
And that is one thing the RC company s did and do know one compound maybe a small mix of a few for reasons that make sense
But right now these psychoactive soups
Are a lot less clear than the average RC
Time will tell but it al seems grim to me


thats what i mean - this is a giant step backwards. This is 1000x worse then the RCs of the late 90s early 2000s. This is on the vege of becommimng a internatioaqnl health crisis all been disquesed as "natural hemp concentrate extrascts "

I mean this guy @Bret_HoneyGold is speaking to congress in other countries but cant even answer what the fuck is in CB9? and people just sit thuere and let it happen and listyen to the advice this clown gives so he can stuff his pockets and blow cash in strip clubs LMFAO

This is who the international comunity needs or wants as a spokes person? who the fuck voted or appointed @Bret_HoneyGold as the international ambassador of hemp?

@Tre_HoneyGold can come here and do bumps lol but also cant answer what the fuck CB9 is???

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@Bret_HoneyGold you can like the post but cant respond? you truly are the clowns of clowns