Hydroxy Hexahydrocannabinol - Kilos Available

We are pleased to announce that YLA Labs and @Apricity are bringing to market both 8-Hydroxy-Hexahydrocannabinol (8-OH-HHC) and 10-Hydroxy-Hexahydrocannabinol (10-OH-HHC). Both compounds are available as a viscous distilled oil, and the 10-OH-HHC can be produced as a white crystalline solid by request (i.e. isolate, pricing TBD).

Currently, there is not third party testing available for these compounds due to either scarcity of the material in the market (and therefore lack of demand for testing) or a lack of analytical reference standard in the case of 10-OH-HHC. There are reference standards available for the 8-OH-HHC isomers via Cayman Chemical and we have been coordinating with KCA to begin third party testing of these compounds in the near future. Additionally, we are working to further characterize the 10-OH-HHC isomers and help make publicly available reference standards of these compounds.

At this time, there is limited inventory available of both compounds and sales may be directed to myself or our official distribution partner @Apricity. As we continue to scale up production, material availability will increase and sale prices can be expected to decrease. Until that time, product will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis and initial kilogram prices will reflect our current production bandwidth.

Current pricing for both distilled products is $5,000/kg for 8-OH-HHC and 5,500/kg for 10-OH-HHC.

Please find below an information packet we’ve put together for 8-OH-HHC, a review of mass spec data from KCA, and several product pictures below for your viewing pleasure. As more characterization data becomes available for 10-OH-HHC we will continue to share that with our customers and community.

8-Hydroxy-HHC Information Packet

KCA_Review_of_GC-MS _data_watermarked_v3.pdf (1.9 MB)


Very cool! How psychoactive is it compared to delta 9? Am I correct in assuming this is heavily sedating, like 11-oh-thc?


I’ve heard subjective reports saying on par with d9THC, and others saying perhaps a bit less intense than d9THC. One customer said that it paired well with d9THC and that his experience with d9THC was enhanced by combining it with hydroxy HHCs.

Myself included, have not heard anyone say its a heavily sedating experience. I felt like the onset was more subtle and less extreme or intense than the THCs (in so far as sometimes a lot of d9 or d8THC at once can be uncomfortable at initially). I would say the come up slope was smoother but not necessarily shorter, and that at its peak was in the same orbit as THCs or high 9R HHCs.


some hydroxy porn :wink:


How do you typically do your initial characterization?

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In the case of the 8-OH-HHC there are analytical standards, so there isn’t much work to be done there besides buy the standards and confirm you have what you think you have.

In the case of 10-OH-HHC we synthesize, isolate the products either by crystallization or chromatography, and submit for NMR and LC/GC mass spec - NMR being the more conclusive of the two for elucidating a structure.


I love your work. Keep at it.


much appreciated!

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3kg of 8-OH-HHC still available


10-OH-HHC Isolate


some lightly dusted 8-OH-HHC


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Hello I am interessted in kilos. Writte me an DM

With the help of some characterization/structural elucidation work from Cayman Chemical, we have confirmed our 10-OH-HHC structure as 10(S)-hydroxy-9(R)-hexahydrocannabinol and have also isolated minor quantities of its diastereomer 10(R)-hydroxy-9(S)-hexahydrocannabinol.

We are working with Cayman to make publicly available standards for these compounds. NMR and MS report and data attached below. We expect third party quantification of 8-OH-HHC to be available within the next 2-3 weeks.

10_OH_HHC_Cayman_Report_watermarked_protected.pdf (5.4 MB)


some late Friday afternoon 8-Hydroxy-HHC porn


Definitely keeping en eye our out on this one for sure

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We are happy to announce that Labstat in Knoxville, KY has updated analytical methods available for the quantification of 8(S)-hydroxy-9(S)-Hexahydrocannabinol and 8(R)-hydroxy-9(R)-Hexahydrocannabinol (or 8 alpha and 8 beta OH-HHC, respectively). Attached below is a COA 96.4% combined 8-OH-HHCs.

Labstat_COA_watermarked_secured_v2.pdf (2.4 MB)

Many thanks and compliments to the Labstat staff whose rapid turnaround on updating and validating their methods to include these standards made this possible. At this time, they are the only lab performing quantification of these compounds.


Congrats bro.


Thanks dude, its been a long road.

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Isnt it a little odd seeing the d9thcva there ? Really happy for your team.