Tricks of the trade

Hi i would like to start a tread
With personal tricks of the trade small Maybe large Things one does that You don t see Many If Any people do

Mine are
Creating adicional evaporation surface with My sort of chocolate fountain in My colection pot

I freeze My material in ss tubes that fit right into My blast tube just one inch shorter so i can pull them out on the bottom side filter plate

Feel free to join No matter how small

Like beaker with his vollyball court sand


-Fireplace rope to insulate the boiling flask/SPD head
-Tin foil over that
-Mason jar rings/duct tape rolls for flask stands
-Sonic bath jar of distillate to lessen bad smell and waves
-Strap vibrator to CLS material column to increase adgitation
-Use a glass etching tool to mark the tare on your mason jars
-Use a pencil to mark the tare on the white frosted label section on your beaker, it’s very chemical resistant
-Electrical outlets up high, away from spills, in the lab


Etch tare weight on EVERY piece of glass when brand new. @Future that’s a huge one.

-Carbon scrub before winterization(if doing room temp EtOH Extractions)

…on vibrator note, we set buckets on top on chillers, anything with a large fan, to create perpetual ripples during soak.

—— if there’s a nalgene version of it that works in your process, go that route. The car boys and jerricans have handles and are much easier to handle. Broken glass hurts.


What’s the benefit to carbon scrubbing before winterization with warm ethanol crude?

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What we’ve noticed is that almost nothing chazzes to the glass when decarbing. Another interesting difference is that all coagulation during winterization drops to the bottom instead of being suspended throughout. That helps a ton with filtration because there’s very little retentate until the very end.


Was it big and black ? :sunglasses:


I have seen clandenstine labs use this with sep funnels to break emulsions. “It” was reffered to as a “vibrating dilding aperatus”.


A vibrator is pretty useful in the lab. I suggest a unit designed for hand held massage but if in doubt about which model to select just ask the clerk in the adults only shop which model they prefer…

For instance when packing a column with silica gel, instead of banging a cork ring around the top of the sep funnel to help pack the column I can hold the vibrator against the funnel or the stand and get the whole mass of dry gell churning around a bit from vibration. Then hit the vacuum and that column will pack down MUCH better than any other method of packing I have tried. The vibration allows the gel beads to orient themselves duirng the brief packing interval and it takes just a second.

Another use for the massage wand is during seperatory funnel seperations. My process does not use saline. I skip that procedure in favor of other techniques that accomplish more or less the same thing. However when miixng water into hexane as I do with LLE the water can and will bead up on the glass surface of the funnel. Funnels are hard to clean and this makes it worse if the funnel is a bit filthy lolz. The massage wand held against the clamp stand will vibrate those water pockets down off the sides of the glass so they can fall to the bottom. It is a cleaner seperation but admittedly this is a nit picky sort of thing but nit picky is not altogether bad.

I also keep sheets of fiberglass matt normally meant for hobby use and models around. This is so I can cut them up into whatever shape is needed and the matt handles like a blanket. You often see in my vids fiberglass tucked in places all around whatever lab I am doing involving heat. I use the fiberglass like a babies blanket and wrap stuff loose in it to conserve heat. The downside is fiberglass strands and such can get in stuff but the cloth like material is great for a heat wrap.
The advantage is it is dirt cheap and can be wrapped around anything a cloth can cover so even in tight spots on a SPD head can be wrapped.

A boxed set of xacto knives has proven well worth the investment for this stuff too. Not so much the sharp edge but the flat edged knives are great for scraping off of smooth glass.

Reinforced silicon matts are invaluable. I can pour extract while hot onto a matt while cleaning and once cooled off a small scraper will remove the stuff easy. They are cheap and usually reinforced with fiberglass strands. I got mine from Amazon.


Hè soxhlet you read, You send the love,
But what have You got up your sleaves
Come on spit it out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Right on, thank you


Always backseat the valve on a high pressure gas cylinder, the valve will leak through the stem untill it is backseated.

Clean glassware as soon as it is done being used, it is usually easier to clean.

Always distill your solvents before use if suspect them to be dirty.

plant material needs to be sorted / screened before running. It may have pesticides that you aren’t expecting/and forign material.

Keep your syringes clean when running gc, the chemical for derivatization can polymerize inside the syringe.

Always assume that all vessels are under pressure!

always wear your ppe!


How does one backseat the valve on a high pressure cylinder?

Google was not forthcoming on the matter :slight_smile:

just open the valve untill it stops.:sunglasses:


Once had a massive bump distilling and all My glasswear got dirty
I was still working with a classen glas setup (old school)
After trying to disstill iT out with etho ,aceton iT was all still black started fideling with q tips useless
I fild My flask with thinner Car paint solvent main component being touleen
Distilled that and glas got brand new clean
So whenever i Need to really clean touleen works for me


Ok so My seperatory funnel broke in the mountais of marocco luckely i had Some chromatography colums
Searchd for a big (5 gal) big bottel
Cut the botom of ( watch video)
Gleud the chromatograpy colomn in the bottel with epoxy Sanded the bottel rim and epoxy spils
Put a pipe insulation strip on the rim
Hang iT up and ready to go


Only when we were open blasting at your mom’s :wink:


Hè beaker the prism is a trick of the trade to sweat have mine ready for use now
And You weren t kiding for your affinity with fiberglass cloth😀

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So sonicated a jar and Yes iT works less smell :grinning: But My question is why does that happen ? Any idee


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HEY HEY I GOT SOMETHING!!! Don’t know if said yet but instead spending $100
On special packing rod

Just make ur own…SS washer the size ur ID of column then braised to a threaded rod…
All right next to each other at hardware store

Fits perfect had for 2yrs! And takes my whole body weight when running dry