Tricks of the trade



I keep my extra vac oven shelves in the deep freezer. once you transfer a slab from the oven to a cold tray flipping it becomes a breeze. after flip i slide it back to it’s original shelf as to not drop the temp of the oven. i also transfer slabs to these cold trays when packaging up grams. The trays have little mass so they warm up quick when using them for packaging so today i’m headed to pickup 2 slabs of marble or granite or whatever i can get cheapest that’s around 10"sq. I think with two 1"+ stone slabs by the time one started to warm up the one in the freezer should be cold and this is going to make packaging into grams so much easier.


You put a frozen material column inside of a material column? I really like that move @Roguelab …It’s like a sock but you can actually cram it full.

Heres my short list, mostly related to CLS:

-Use acetone, not isopropyl for cooling slurry (less slushy water retention)
-Got a roll of microfiber cloths for cleanup. Use 2 buckets: 1 for extremely dirty, one for kinda dirty. Keep some solvent in both to keep rags saturated. (Saves a lot of rags, cleaning solvent, and some additional product.)
-Average chiller coils fit perfectly in a paint can, do what you will with that.
-If material is moist, shoot nitrogen through material column, then vac at room temp for 15 mins or so, THEN run gas as usual. lower moisture = better yield, shattery-er shatter
-Use Auger styler drill bit to clear stubborn material columns
-Chimney sweep tools work great for gunked up material columns
-Some website, has some decent tips too


go to placesthat fabricate countertops, ask them for a reminent peice, or better yet old samples. I Have gotten marble and granate samples that they were litterally throwing away.


Put good resin in the top of the material column. Done.


Yes so i have 20 pipes of stainless steel wich diameter is in metric size they are thin walled fir there normal use is for gas exhaust of gas fireplaces
I pack them then trow em in the freezer packed
I use Thermo sientific. Freezer Wich is 45" high inside so the tubes are made to fit the freezer
then blast them out once put back in the freezer turn them upside down and blast again to get the last bit out
Works for me


I’m curious? Plant material or resin?


Plant material flowers or clippings
My blast tubes are 4"x48"
In marroko i have been blasting kief as material also


I like your paint can idea with acetone, I’m going to try that instead of igloo coolers with denatured alcohol. Oh I’m gonna get that auger bit also - thank you so much for that - I bought a filter sock from xtractor depot recently and used it today. It’s trash, broke on first run. But that auger bit will make that sock obsolete!
What do you use to chill your solvent tank?


I use chillers


I filled a top-opening chest freezer with a mixture of water and propylene glycol (corrosion inhibited) that drops to -20f. $300 for freezer and 5 gallons of PG, another $100 for a thermostat controller or free bypassing of thermostats would get the compressor to run constantly and maintain -20f. Will suck on electricity and shorten lifespan but these freezers are $150.

Not sure about safety but it’s lived for 3 months so far. I put the collection base and solvent tank in the liquid and stack the material column, dewax spool, filter stack horizontally on top of the base and tank. Builds enough cooling to do a passive extraction. Will even recover to a vacuum with the hot side at only 65f. Liquid is usually 0f after done recovering from collection tank and material column.


Great idea for a thread!!

Have a suspicion your vacuum chamber isn’t getting down to -29.9" Hg? Don’t have an extra vacuum gauge laying around to check?? Place a new (never been opened) ZipLock (generic will do) gallon bag in the chamber with no heat, it will expand fully at ‘full vac.’


I’m glad it helped @ExtractionEngineer . Just dry ice for the solvent tank on our system.

Put your paint can into a 5 gal bucket to deal with splash back!


Allright we are getting a Nice tread formed here so another trick i haven t seen yet
In europe we don t have panda’s but i do have a cannabis loving bear :grinning: That has a second function for
A low budget artists or large volume filtration and i still use iT since 2012 same machine
drilled a hole in the top put a funnel trough
Inside the spinner i put a 1 micron filtration sock (5$) set inside a hard metal mesh tube ( starded with a piece of pvc pipe then a paint Bucket i stabbed to death to make holes) and now a hard metal mesh piece of pipe height of the iner spinning chamber held on iT s place by pieces of styro foam
If putten in Carbon , SS scrubing sponges for the kithen then put iT on to spin and pourd


Poured liquid in deu to centrifuge force iT all gets fillterd fast
Ps i know styrofoam Well i am a Rogue lab sorry


3L Centrifuge for first pass filtration after winterization?
TheLostBiologist Bucket and Post Processing Tek for Golden Extract

what is this device? I get it’s a diy centrifuge but it sounds like you repurposed and modified something but i don t know what it is lol.


Its a speed filter for large amounts of fluid
A 1 micron filterbag with Some Carbon inside spins at 3200 rpm fluid go s in to the funnel falls inside the filterbag deu to centrifuge force gets pushed out treu the filter media and runs out filtered
Thats iT works way faster than vacuum asisted filtration
Just another mad mans solution😂


Recommend adding a pressure release valve to your honeypot, preferably with a hose leading outside. Really helps slurp locked/absorbed solvent from the material in the columns. Sure, wastes a bit vaporized solvent but more than enough is salvaged to make up for the vapor lost, as well as variably higher yields.


Does anyone know the secret splatter platter loading tek?
Im sure those if you with rack mounted extractors have had the pleasure of mounting a heavy platter to the bottom of a 12" sanataty spool. You have to hold the heavy bastard in place with the gasket alligned, and somehow manage to get the clamps around it at the same time.
This is my trick to mounting these unwildey platters.

  1. allign the gasket on the platter.
  2. connect a vaccum pump to the spools lid and turn the pump on.
  3. hold the platter up to the bottom of the spool with the gasket alligned.
  4. The pump will hold the entire weight of the platter, this allows you to let go of the platter and use both of your hands to attach the clamp.
    This trick saves a bunch of time, and allows one person to do the work of what used to be two.



I haven’t had to play that trick yet, but I’ve got an OSS rig lying around here that I’m eyeing for parts…

A lab jack works pretty well with an 8" platter, but those 12" jacketed platters are truly unwieldy.

Edit: does anyone have bad things to say about the OSS branded instrumentation valves?