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This is awesome. I dont have a 12" extractor nor is it rack mounted…BUT i do have a 10" extractor which is not rack mounted and its such a PITA to get my platter back on by myself ive been dis-assembling my whole collection pot to mount the spool to the platter then the lid.

Im gonna have to try this vacuum technique! Thanks a bunch


Their 3 piece 3/8" ball valves leak after about 6 months of use at cryo temps.


Have you tried rebuilding it? I often have to clean mine to keep them functioning right. Usually a tear down and a iso bath gets me going well agai.


Brilliant :smile::+1:


Good to know. I concidered them a temporary fix when I installed them.

The packing nut on Swageloks will also loosen up from thermal cycling eventually.

Problem is, the flow path on a 3/8” Swagelok is only 1/4”.

Anyone got a favorite full port instrumentation ball-valve for cryogenic (-70C) use??


have tou tightened the packings?


Is that a Panda spin drier?


Well i guess something very similar i am in europe and this is My version😜


I got mine from south Korea have to look up the brand work Well
Cryo ball valve i used as search


good news, your column load wont be dictated by your solvent capacity. try loading the column with stainless ball berings and keif that should help disperce the solvent. If your bering metal is a low grade stainless they may be magnetic, you can use a magnet to agitate the inside of the column. Your filtration will need to be staged as to not clog, start with rough papers and finish with fine filter papers.



Trick of the trade
Stainless steel berings of bad quality magnetic and and a magnet to agitate inside your cls🤡


did you break your spout on the Panda Spinner? It looks like you have something white on that part.
I just broke mine yesterday and hoping you might have a solution.


No in europe we have different brands
With different colors sorry
Found this in a other tread that might help try to use different materials instead of silicone and pvc not so good with ethanol
Any way of gleu ing iT with epoxy ?
Good luck getting her back on track


the resin is on the plant material so both i guess.


Haha ok

I took …put trash in,throw some good oil in top, and boom all oil good oil… LMAO


Apr 17
Btw, for those who want a cheap alternative to a vac oven to seal jars, foodsaver make a jar lid sealer as an accessory. It works well.
Trick of the trade Some what


hexanes/pentane will remove the grease too.
I am wary of smoking “clear” from others, lots of grease contamination. I often seen people online pour clear out of flasks with grease still on the joints. This is my method: use ptfe sleeve and some thc distillate on the boiling flask joint/ thermometers/flasks on the reciever.Use grease on your cow only if your product cannot make contact with the grease, otherwise use distillate and the ptfe sleeve. make sure you zap it with a heat gun before you rotate, you don’t want a frozen joint there!
Cleanest grease ever trick of the trade


fake it till ya make it.


Wow! Another use for cannabinod based thread sealant!
(you know, the stuff that we use to permanently seal canning jars?)


I can’t tell you how many we’ve broken at this point. Now, as soon as a new one is opened, we apply a bead of silicone around the spout. That seems to stabilize things for long enough for the Panda to live a healthy life. The problem with the repair, once it is broken, is the gasket will never sit right again. Those are so valuable to our process, we practically just consider them a consumable.