Tricks of the trade



You mean the smell that comes off th vacuum pump? Just run the exhaust line into a bucket of soapy water (Dawn works best imo).


DAWN: $10
HOSE: $10
Water: $…
Removes the smell 100%



Buy a stainless steel brew kettle w the false bottom. Put panda in brew kettle and run it. Liquid collects down below. Remove panda and pour back into your mix.


Have Any pic s ?:grinning:


U would need to buy a big kettle… one that is probably close to thr price of another panda. When u run it without the spout, it projectiles out the hole a bit, so u need to have the kettlrle walls tall enough


1st barrel - wash barrel for big tea bags. Seated inside a slightly larger kettle as a dry ice sleeve.
2nd barrel - drain/staging barrel for transfer
3rd barrel - panda spin with false bottom for suspension collection.


Restaurant supply store…your new best friend :joy:


Sell your wax before it’s sold :face_with_monocle: . Need a short path maybe pre sale a half liter or two and you should have all the cash needed to buy everything so long as you got crude.


Oh wow, thanks for the pics, ill go check my local one to see if they got big ones like that. I love the idea of adding a valve to the bottom like u did. Thanks for the help buddy


Check you local brew store also!


:shushing_face: Panda in a mash tun…at mjbizcon


I saw that. I don’t even know how to respond.


Wait… I’m confused. is it actually a panda in a mash tun?


Certainly @ColumbiaLabsPDX seems to have that going on.

I might have to throw a bunch of stuffed animals in our fuge at mjbizcon :wink:


Just make sure it’s a panda bear! :rofl:


So, what’s the issue with the panda in a brew kettle.?Please enlighten us all. Cryo material in nylon bags seems to work just fine.


Secondary containment seems like a fine idea. Having not torn one apart, I cannot address the risks associated with getting a Panda’s feet wet.

What makes you think I’m “taking issue”?

There will be several folks showing centrifuges at MJBizcon in NV in a couple of weeks. I happen to be one of them. Prices are likely to range from $20k on up. With $75-100k being the mean (at a guess). Flotwegg wanted almost $300k for the one they showed in Portland a couple of months back.

If you don’t find a Panda in a mash tun amusing against that backdrop, try putting yourself in the shoes of a guy trying to sell one of those 'fuges… make you wanna cry yet?


:sweat_smile: I see…glad my hillbilly stack made y’all smile. Lol have fun at the bizcon. Feel free to donate one of those centrifuges. I’ll test it. (for science)


I come from a long background of “kitchen/bathtub chemistry”, so I respect effective getto design! However, the motor on the panda is open mounted in the bottom, and this makes it look like it will be submerged in ethanol in that pot.



yes, place rings on canning jars loosly then pull full vacuum on the oven. Upon releasing the vacuum in the ove the lids will seal to the jar.



You can also do this if you have a foodsaver canister. Place the mason jar in the foodsaver canister. Vacuum down the canister. Mason jar is sealed too. Foodsaver also makes normal and wide mouth vacuum attachments to seal jars specifically!.