Tricks of the trade




Thats exactly what i use.
Wide mouth, regular mouth, and a mighty hand pump vac. -25hg is the deepest i can get with the mv.


I’m looking forward to seeing those. I wonder if any of said ‘fuges’ are approaching patent infringement on the CUP. they claim to have one in the works but for what… I have no idea.

Funny story, When delta separations ‘joined forces’ with that MDC Vaccuum company, they made a post on their Instagram (painful looking screenshot repost) the post had mentioned that delta separations had a patent pending on their system (first i heard of it) So when i saw that i happened to be the first to comment on the post and i inquired about the patent out of curiosity saying something like “whoa no way, I didn’t realize you had a patent pending on your system.” obviously wondering what they could patent on a centrifuge as they have been around for years… 5 minutes later, comment was deleted and my account was blocked…

weird way to handle things like that. Makes me wonder how many other people they’ve silenced in order make it look like everyone wants a CUP. Luckily, they cant silence me on Future!

that rubbed me the wrong way. an appropriate response might have been, “we do have a patent pending, however, to protect our intellectual property, the details of which are not going to be discussed”


can you say prior art? :wink:

or “obvious to anyone skilled in the art…”?

Edit: should have taken pictures of the chalkboard at the Dept of Facilitation when a buddy and I sketched out the concept in 2013. Couldn’t get the guys I was working for to fund it (I asked for $2500 to build a prototype). They now own a CUP 15 :wink:


This was a nice trick @drjackhughes shared with us!


you can tape a joint with it in a pinch, just wrap it candycane style around the male cone of the joint.


On uesing normal plumber teflon (ptfe) tape on glass joints


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Think I found nice home for this…

@Roguelab :bowing_man::bowing_man::bowing_man: paving the way!!!
And @Killa12345 looking beautiful!!!

Courtesy @Soxhlet for this next goodie, more SPD tricks!

First time running a short path distillation setup. Comments and Suggestions Please!

These guys let it flow!!! Pull up chair and absorb some this overflowing WISDOM!!


When filtering through celite, scape off the nasty shit it’s collected every 2L or so. This will keep filtration flowing w/o the need for replacing filter and/or celite.


Here’s my one hour winterization
Mix crude with warm ethanol 1:1
Chill as much as you can ethanol
Mix crude with chilled ethanol 1:8 let stand one hour.
If no good freezer ethanol with dry ice works too


I’m gonna try this


Ace hardware heat gun and silicon tape, napa auto store high heat silicone hose. Beats the 3000 for a recirculating heater.

Please do not leave unattended and try at your own risk.


This trick is great !!
Fir those on a budget but to achieve. The @BreakingDabs hot condensor tech
Temperature control is achieve by a heatgun with temperature controls
IT can be used to heat or to Cool :grinning:
@fresh.botanicals uses visuals in the Condenser to adjust temperatures :+1:


Rocco SPD matched to a 5 dollar heat gun! Love it


Trust me and don’t buy china glass. Rocco has great prices. Chasing leaks will ruin your life


Oh I know Rocco has good stuff for sure but man I’m a cheap bastard

  • Large food grade SS buckets
  • Qaulity glassware
  • Multiple back-ups of glassware
  • Multiple pumps
  • min. -50 degree freezer
  • Having a PhD organic chemist who has worked in pharmaceutical development
  • Having a outside scientific advisor to review and question SOPs
  • Silica plates for thin film chromatography
  • If you have the money, a HPLC for analytics


??? Great list but this is tricks of the trade tread


Easiest way to clean out a column… use a a dog tie out steak. Simply screw it into the material and once you’ve got it in far enough you pull it out. Quick and clean.