MJ Biz Con booth share?


Can anyone spare a little booth space at MJBizCon in Las Vegas with me, @Photon_noir ? My partners and I have a centrifuge for ethanol-based extraction to display and answer questions for folks that stop by! At least one of us will be there at all times, including myself and @cyclopath . Interested parties please DM me! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Ethanol extract question(to go Cup 15 or just a manual extractor)
Tricks of the trade

Seems like a super cheap way to piggyback off @Photon_noir s noteriety by having him at your booth!


Hope some one comes through I would love to see the centrifuge! Press life is no longer working for us.


I don’t have a booth but I will be attending all 3 days and hope to see some GLG members so somebody please give them a spot!!!


Pretty sure he is shacking up with @SamboCreeck.com


Yep! :grin:


Check out Acespinner.com to see what we were showing, and where we are taking it from there.


@cyclopath good luck with the new endeavor. Sent a homie looking for a fuge to your website, the people seemed impressed with your guys’ background. Hope they grab one from you!

Good luck @cyclopath and @Photon_noir. You all seen a need in the industry and custom tailored a sick looking fuge!


Thank you. I just do what our machine overlords tell me to (from the future) :stuck_out_tongue:


From me? Or from the opposite of the past?


Did I mention I prefer to go in circles?

Yes, the other direction from yesterday.

Which is when it occurred to me that Doc Brown could help me make a killing in this industry because “yesterday delivery” is something folks in this industry seem really eager to pay for…

But thanks @future for all you’ve made possible.