It puts the Cannabis in the tube, & then it walks away again

Edit: for @moveweight Because link above is broken at two year mark.

This seems like the kind of hydrocarbon extraction rig a cyclopath could get behind.

These days, most CO2 Extractors are automated, or at least semi-automated. Currently, most hydrocarbon rigs are not.

Who else currently makes a fully auto-magic hydrocarbon extractor?

why automated?

'Cause us monkeys make mistakes…

…and we’re fragile.


That’s gorgeous. Did they give you an estimate?

I love this equipment! Though I feel like the throughout might be on the smallish side.

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nah, it’s Sunday. I only just learned about them. Give me a day or 4 :wink:

If all the operator has to do is load and unload, single operator through-put could be ramped by running 1/2 dozen in parallel. ~450lb in an 8hr day?

I don’t expect that would be cheap…


I thought this looked familiar. An acquaintance of mine sent me pictures back in February of his new fully automated bho extractor. BHO wasn’t my preferred way forward so I didn’t give it much thought.

I believe he said it cost ~ $225k. Which in my book puts it close to the price of a co2 machine of equal or larger throughput.

Now, I’ve actually bought into a company and its not only my decision regarding equipment selection. I’ll being told we’re going butane, so this is back on the table. Though it’s still expensive.

I don’t know that most $225 CO2 rigs will get through 70lb of biomass in an 8hr shift.

at that rate, selling your crude for $5g, it would take ~two weeks to pay off, including paying the operator, but ignoring the cost of biomass and everything else.

eg: in a 19hr day…


I worry about accepting sales data for the estimated throughput. I’ve been trying to evaluate equipment, but finding data to trust is tough.

Agreed though, the throughput of the CO2 machines is generally less.

But, I’m not sure I believe that butane is the future. Even if CO2 is not quite as efficient, it seems that the average consumer is going to prefer a “solventless” extraction over a hydrocarbon based extraction. I am worried that regulators will eventually start making things more difficult for hydrocarbon based extraction.

I’m looking forward to hearing if the $225k price is still valid though.


Has anyone dug more into the Luna Technologies unit?

Anyone have one yet?


Makes a great automated unit.

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4 chillers, 4 heaters, and 6 pumps sounds like a maintenance nightmare.


You can sell crude for 5 a gram?

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back in July 2018 that was not an unreasonable expectation…

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@cyclopath, did you ever learn more about these guys or go down this path?


Overpriced but neat idea. I’d like to see more companies doing what they are doing. Until there are many options for a semi-autonamous bho system I would wait.


anyone look into these?

20# in under 2 hours…

seems both the luna unit and the elf unit use pdx pumps. ugh

Besides the Delta 9 behemoths mentioned above, these seem like the only 3 automated units available right now.


I’ve used the PDX gold pump. wasn’t horrible.

almost learned how to run it before I was assigned other duties :wink:

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Yes, me too. That Welch pump head is stout. I have one of the first VaporHawgs made and I’ve had absolutely zero problems with it.

Only reservation I have is the backstory of how pdx came to be, but the pump is probably the best value on the market.


Hey you were asking about the Luna Tech. I have been running a Luna for a little over a year i have the 4th one ever made it is a great system. I can answer any question about it i am well versed in the system.


I have a Luna and it is great system I have been running it for over a year and i their are a lot of misconceptions about it. if you have any questions let me know id love to shed some light on this system for everyone.


Thank you!

We ordered one last month so it’s moot at this point, but I’m super pumped! Fixing to dominate the Michigan extract market, lol.


yeah your gonna love it your getting one of the newer ones i have the 3rd one ever made so ours is not as refined as what you will have. I do some of the R&D for Luna and i can tell you the new Luna’s are where its at. I see that their are some people on the forum that shit on it but I know those people personally, and actual work with them. they are just stuck in some of the old ways of extraction. If you guys need any help or advice with runs let me know I am here. Yields on my system are great i get 3-5% on my frozen and i hit 8-15% on my dry depending on the quality of the material. I also work with media bros i was one of the first people to use crx and cry they work great as well with the system. I run my whole lab with only 2 people and the work of at least 6+ because we can walk away from the system and do other things while it handles the runs on its own.