Please humor me. How are decarbed diamonds that much different from distillate?

Title says it all. How is it that decarbed diamonds MAKE A VAST difference than distillate when it comes to carts? One is technicality live and the other isn’t? How is decarbed diamonds live?


It’s not live once it’s decarbed. It’s all for marketing.



If the stone isn’t foggy, the stone won’t be foggy


still live terps if you centrifuge them off




I think it’s less about the diamonds / D9 and more about the terps.


Anyone making carts would not decarb the terps or sauce, that would ruin the terpene profile… at least that’s my opinion.


Alrite I’ll bite,

The live portion of the extract is largely seen as the terps which add to the effects of the high provided by the active portion(diamonds) of the extract. The extra value is in the live portion.

To single down an answer for you…
Distillate TAC levels are usually between 78-92% leaving 22-8% other crap that has no value, such as fats and other plant undesirables.
Diamonds by themselves are 99+%, decarbing them leaves you with 12.3% less weight but without the 22-8% other crap you get with distillate.



Yes the live is the terps… Diamonds no.

Im talking specifically diamonds being decarbed over distillate, don’t get hung up on the terps/sauce/ ANY live component because that’s not what I’m asking.

Lets compare distillate that is 97%+ TAC not some 78% shit that no one would use. I do see your argument for using something that is 99% cannabinoids (if in fact the diamonds are that clean…)

As far as this marketing goes, I could say I distilled live resin… Thats where my head is at, doesn’t seem much different. I hear people claiming pure live resin carts but it doesn’t make much sense to me.

@Myrrdin really a spoon? lol. I know some of you are super hype on spoon feeding but this hardly applies, you simply gave a educated guess.


decarb diamonds is basically pure d9 if im not mistaken.

i would only slightly decarb my sauce if someone didnt know what they was doing during extraction and they was super thick still and not wanting to drop the thca all the way… but if it wont stick to the diamonds and runs right off definitely only heat it for the seconds it takes to mix it in w decarb diamond’s or d9 disty. then only long enough to get into the carts less heat as possible


@StoneD I said yes 100% but than you did a edit…

IM not talking about sauce, or terps, period. just THCA and d9

If someone is decarbing their THCA with sauce or terps still attached I think that’s quite counter productive considering you are ruining the terp profile at that point.

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No guessing here bud, I know for a fact that Live = Raw, decarbed is cooked & therfore no longer live.

I base this on experience, not advice. Also higher purity compounds are better for formulation. 99% D9 is not a saleable end product by itself, which is why we put the raw/live terps back to the decarbed diamonds.

Also I have decarbed diamonds a few ways and had them tested and unfortunately its not pure D9, there are other degradative actives being produced from the heat.

@randlerimper, if the spoon offended ya, I apologize … im just trying to help ya get a solid answer


Yes live = raw. 100%

Decarbed is not live.

So how do these companies say 100% live resin cart?

Shoot me a knife not a spoon, :wink:


Its marketing, truth is processors are only decarbing the diamonds to make vape pens work for the masses, THCA vape carts need alot more heat to get to temp and then the residue clogs the device


Good question.

From a purely chemical engineering standpoint, the two separation techniques have their own merits and also manifest in different ways. Distillation is a much higher throughput (at least as proven in industry this far), but crystallization is the gold standard for creating extremely pure extracts.

When you completely separate the mother liquor from the crystallized product and then decarb, you eliminate that small (very tiny) fraction of components that provide unwanted qualities like pigment and other impurities.

When you decarb premium crystals, you create a product that is almost always clear or slightly pale off-white.

You can create a distillate that’s 99% TAC and it’ll still have a color to it. In order to remediate that color you now have to introduce synthetic chemicals.

With decarbed diamonds you achieve the same purity, clarity, and color that requires much more rigorous steps than creating a distillate with the same quantitative AND qualitative characteristics.

I think both are good to inhale when made properly, but using crystals as a feed stock to final product ultimately creates a purer product than using thick, dark crude oil.



well said. Either way it appears neither are both 100% live.

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Oh snap are we talking about the “special distillate” today?


Decarbing diamonds will give you pure d9

Distillate usually isn’t pure d9


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and neither are 100% live… I’m not asking about a few % points in d9 potency, I asked about how is one live and one isn’t.