General Hemp Processing Equipment Spreadsheet



In an effort to reduce the time it takes me to answer repetitive questions, I’ve been doing some organizing.

This spreadsheet provides a general glance at the equipment needed to process between 100-1000lbs of hemp/day to isolate. The green “Scale” box on the top is all formula driven, you can modify the “Flower (LBs/day)” and any box with a “%” without screwing up the formulas.

This is my first draft, and I’m dropping it here for you guys to do with as you please. If you find any glaring issues please let me know!

Modify input LBs and any of the % to match your needs.

Latest V2 Hemp Processing Equipment Selection Guide v2.xlsx (26.0 KB)

Took the recommendations from @sane_scientist and revamped the incoming material formulas.

V1.21 Hemp Processing Equipment Selection Guide v1.21.xlsx (22.9 KB)

And while Im at it I simplified a bunch of the LBs to grams formulas. High, algebra in spreadsheets is much too fun!

V1.2 Hemp Processing Equipment Selection Guide v1.2.xlsx (22.9 KB)

Fixed glaring mistake in end mother liquor yield.

V1.1 Hemp Processing Equipment Selection Guide v1.1.xlsx (22.9 KB)

Updated to reflect DeCarb Loss, and improved downstream formulas, specifically mother liquor and initial crude yields

V1 Hemp Processing Equipment Selection Guide.xlsx (22.0 KB)

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Thank you so much for posting this spreadsheet!


Thanks… helps when you actually open the file… :rofl::rofl:


Ya the screenshot I posted on IG doesnt do it justice


This is awesome! Thanks!


Thanks! Easy to read!

I wonder what hot plate you might recommend?


Got any kind of cannabinoid percentages for what that Mother Liquor would be before the chromatography was done?

I would assume it would depend on the volume and initial percentages you started with. I wonder about how smoking on that sauce would be, haha.



Correct me if I am wrong, but figuring an initial biomass cannabinoid content of 12%, extracted, would yield a 60% purity crude oil, wouldn’t the crude oil yield be higher?

For example, if you have 96-98% effective extraction of the cannabinoids via the solvent, the other approximately 40% of crude oil weight would be impurities (solvent, terps, phosphides, etc.) and therefor the crude oil yield would increase 66% above what you have in the spreadsheet. The subsequent numbers down stream process numbers would also increase.

Don’t forget the 13-15% loss on the cannabinoid weight and some of the light volatiles during decarb, which would constitute a different crude oil yield into “pre-distillate” crude and also correspondingly change down stream process numbers.

There are some other things I could mention also in terms of optimization of crystallization to drastically reduce cannabinoid losses in the pentane matrix. Unfortunately, I’m not as generous as ‘open source’ as you are my friend. The spreadsheet will serve as a good base line for the masses.


For consumables you can assume C7 Denatured ethanol, filtration media, and chiller fluid.

We find most folks go through a 270gal tote and a 25kg bag of media at the same speed, so normally order those together. Thats about $3k per combo when using T5.

Pentane costs vary but a 55 gallon barrel of pentane should be enough to process what you make with a few totes.


Definitely need to adjust for the DeCarb loss.

Afa the 12% goes, in my head that is total mass extracted. 100lbs yeilding 12lbs (5448g) of crude @ 60% potency is 3268g, which is roughly 7% Cannabinoid content of the initial material, which if 95% efficient puts the initial flower content at like 7-8% CBD.

Perhaps I (or some intrepid forum member :wink:) should work starting material Cannabinoid % into the initial green boxes for clarity/ease of use


Check out this revision…

Hemp Processing Equipment Selection Guide v1.1.xlsx (22.9 KB)


Thanks for your great work. There is only one question left. Is there any special reason that you did not mention Capna for the extraction instruments?


I’ve invited them to join the gang multiple times, they don’t seem interested. I’m going to recommend gang affiliates every time because I hold them to a higher standard than the average industry company. Why would I toss in a random company not interested in being held to a higher standard?

For any company on the verge of joining the gang, here’s your sign. 200 downloads, and exponential sharing of the file beyond that, can only assume at least a few sales come from this file.


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This is great, you are a saint!

Do you use adsorbents (like T5) during filtration with your cold alcohol extraction? Or is that unnecessary?

Also, is there anything else you can do with the mother liquor besides flash chromo?



I don’t usually find the use of any adsorbents necessary with hemp bound for isolate, but if I did I’d get em from @Shadownaught

In Oregon you can sell the mother liquor into the OLCC market. Otherwise you are pretty much fucked because of the concentrated THC


Can we get in there somewhere? Maybe the filter reactor?


What size and what’s the price?