General Hemp Processing Equipment Spreadsheet



I noticed the price for cold extraction is marked as zero. But obviously chilling enough solvent to run 500 lbs/day or more can actually be a demanding process and accrue significant expenses. Surely some heavy duty chiller or freezer or consumables budget needs to be included in the price if going that route?


I wrote the increased cost into the extraction and left the winterization cost zero


Great resource! Can’t thank you enough @Future!

Some questions:

  • I believe there’s a minor error in your calculation. Instead of subtracting a total of 30% (winterization + decarb volumes), shouldn’t one sutract 15% from the crude, and then subtract 15% from the winterized volume to attain the refined product volume more accurately?
  • Would the equipment listed require a 24-hour product to attain the desired levels of throughput?
  • I assume the labor numbers are per shift? As in, for a 24-hour production (3 shifts), I would require those number of personnel at all times?
  • Can one truly assume that a company like Deutsche will provide an entire production line (extraction to isolate) for that price? If so, for a new facility that wants to streamline the process, would this be the preferred route in your opinion?
  • Noticed Chemtech wasn’t listed. Should we really look elsewhere for a 2-stage system?
  • Where can I get more info on the Agile FFE system? I’m interested.

Thanks in advance!


10,20, and 50L crystallization reactors
$14,950, $17,750, $19,950 respectively.
They are electric lift, triple jacketed, explosion proof, with built in filter.


Thank’s for the notes @Future so much! Just got our selves a biotage HPFC We’re just about ready to go…


Makes way more sense to use these than a cryo-freezer and beakers. I saw the price on the your site said $9,250 for the 10l. Are you including the chiller with the $14,950 price you posted?


Did you go with the Selekt Unit? I’m waiting on a quote back. How often do you replace the SFÄR?


We haven’t put the crystallization reactor on the website yet. Its basically the lifting reactor but is explosion proof and has a filter


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Thank you for putting this together man, this will help a lot when dealing with the suits.


This is all based on running dried product, correct? It has been my experience that a lot of hemp cultivators/processors are primarily interested in running it right off the vine. The price of production skyrockets as soon drying, trimming, storage, etc… enters the equation.
Any thoughts?

Extracting wet material or frozen/thawed material

Dry. The logistics of running fresh flower are just as expensive as dry, just less forgiving.

Extracting wet material or frozen/thawed material

dry biomass can be metered to the extractor over the course of 12 months in a manner that seems impractical with frozen.


What are thoughts on decarbing first, before extraction and prior to grinding? Some of the local processors in my area do it that way when extracting CBD.


Great spreadsheet, the equipment suggestions are very valuable.

Suggestion: Since Flower Mass, Crude Yield and Crude Potency are known, one could use Flower CBD% to derive Extraction Efficiency. Without using units, I the formula should be:
Extraction Efficiency = Crude Potency * Crude Yield (mass) / (Flower CBD% * Flower Mass)

edit: Had the fraction flipped…


Or, assuming Extraction Efficiency is something like 95%, then you could derive Crude Yield with:

Crude Yield = Extraction Efficiency * Flower CBD% * Flower Mass / Crude Potency

As long as you know 4/5 of these variables, you can find the unknown one using algebra.


How do they Decarb oven i imagine ?


I went ahead and edited one of the tables in your hemp processing spreadsheet.

I back calculated the Hemp CBD % that would fit your model, which turned out to be 7.578888%.
There’s two tabs with different unknown variables, but they work out the same because they use the same assumptions.

Oh, and if you’re bothered by my formula for the crude yield %, it’s just a simplification of: Crude Yield = Extraction Efficiency * Flower CBD% * Flower Mass / Crude Potency.
Divide both sides by Flower Mass and the left side becomes Yield %, on the right, Flower Mass cancels.

Which one to use depends on which piece of information is “less known.” For most purposes, imo it is more useful to assume a 95% efficiency and then calculate the expected crude yield, as users of the spreadsheet probably don’t have any data on yields yet.

(not a pdf, just had to get around the attachment filetype limits :smile:
Remove that .pdf extension to get to a readable excel file.
Hemp Processing Equipment Selection Guide v1.1 Table Edit.xlsx.pdf (12.7 KB)


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