General Hemp Processing Equipment Spreadsheet



Wow, every day I find something new on this site that I can’t believe I missed previously. There’s just so much info here, I love it! A couple of questions:
@goldleaf_scientific Is the crystallization reactor up yet? I was also wondering if that price included the chiller.
@Future In regards to the spreadsheet, was there a specific reactor system that you were basing this on or is the $30,000 a rough estimate?


Rough estimate, reactor + ancillary. However, that may be for 2x setups. Id have to look


In looking at the V2 table, some questions came up:

  • Crude Oil Volume calculation looks like it only includes CBD. Wouldn’t we need to account for everything else pulled by dividing the current equation by the crude oil potency?
  • Is the DeCarb Loss volume assumed to be water weight? If so, it shouldn’t be included in the formula for calculating Total CBD for Refined Crude Oil, right? I’m also confused as to why the Total Volume and Total CBD for Refined Crude Oil is also switched (not that it matters).
  • Total CBD in grams increases from Refined Crude Oil to Distillate, which is not possible. The reasoning for this error is the assumption that one can achieve 85% Distillate potency while yielding as high as 95% volume. By changing the yield of the volume to 75% for 80% potency, the numbers make sense.
  • How can we calculate the amount of Total Cannabinoids as CBD from Distillate minus CBD from Isolate? I’m confused.

Thank you again for all that you do!


For the sheet, pretend that 10% is all CBD

Decarb loss is accounting for the mass loss from cooking off the acidic group

I see the error in the increase, I think if we change cell F14 to =F12 * D14 * D13 it solves the problem


Shouldn’t say total cannabinoids if we are only counting the initial % as CBD only. Should add a row up top so we can account for total CBD as well as total other cannabinoids


And I should be more clear about the fact that we are starting with CBDa and decarbing to CBD