Need gummy recipe (recipe inside)

Looking to buy a SOP for gummy recipe that doesn’t melt or mold after 2 weeks.


I have both a gelatin and pectin-based recipe that we’ve manufactured in bulk that has a 12 month stability rating. Reach out at if interested in discussing further.


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I made some about a month ago and put in a tiny drop of mold inhibitor and some preserving formula I got from lor-ann and I didn’t have that problem. this was just a small batch for personal use though


4.8 g Gelatin 250blm
9.5 g Water (60 C)

15 g Sugar
10 g Dextrose
3.5 ml Water
3 g Corn Syrup (Cook to 117 C)

200 mg Citric Acid
150 mg Sodium Citrate
180 mg Malic Acid

.25 ml Flavor
Color to choice



Adding potassium sorbate will prevent molding.

I’m super deep down the gummy rabbit hole.

Certain gelatins make better gummies! Even though I don’t sell my gummies. They tasted better than 95% of the gummy samples at mjbizcon which were at every turn.


This has worked well for me.

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Which gelatins make better gummies and why?


Because all the high bloom stuff like you referred is made from animal collagen. Some smell more than others. @bg305 is swearing by 300 bloom now. I’m gonna be playing with a 50/50 250 bloom/300 bloom next.

I’ve now tried just about every high bloom gelatin on the market.


Bloom strength has nothing to do with animal source. 300 / 250 mix will be very, very soft.

Edit: very very hard.

300 is the hardest bloom there is. The higher the bloom the harder the gummies are!

300 bloom is ballistic gelatin! Been making a lot of gummies the last 2 months.

And your correct. The bloom has nothing to do with the animal source. But the animal source certainly has an effect with the smell and taste.


I’m a low memory tard. You are right on strength, obviously.

However, if you need gelatin at that strength, you are not cooking your sugar portion to temperature (117c)

I use bovine currently but have used porcine. They are disgusting uniquely. Bovine comes with less religious problems.


Now I’m gonna have to get molds and try this out.


What is typically used for the THC source? I’m assuming distillate is the easiest

crude is cheapest


Distillate is the best. You can’t taste it in the gummies which is a good and bad thing.

Good cause you can’t taste it or see it. Bad cAuse they don’t taste like edibles and you can get dangerously fucked up on them.


You mind writing up an sop of ingredients and any other comments / techniques. I mixed way to much dist into gummy solution , got sick because I ate about 20 to many and it de motivated me to try again.@killa12345. I also wanted to try those orange rings , jolly rancher type candy and chocolate bars .



Just solved that issue I had

Next is what sugar/sour mix can I roll it in that won’t start melting the gummies …idk I rolled in plain sugar bc was to much disty. The sugar started melting or reacting w the gelatin


im just gonna make a tutorial next time i make the gummies. Ive gotten like 100-150 people ask the recipe and all the details.

Its not just the recipe…but the ingredients as well. I know some people here cant stand corn syrup as its the devil or something…you can use glucose syrup at 5x the cost.

The sous vide is really a plus making gummies as you can cook the gelatin lower for longer and its heat that activates the gelatin smell.


It’s also about how you dry them… do you flash freeze or use dehumidifer? Or cover with syran wrap after drying?