Crc diamonds hot jar tek

  1. start with your SOP for regular crc extraction
  • I run a coil prior to injection i have ran room temp solvent with decent result . I just run regular ice in the coil for a happy cost effective middle ground instead of dry ice . Temp gun says solvent gets between 0-5 F
  • For indoor i use 1 cup B80 per pound , light dep or really high end outdoor 1.5 cups , and 2 cups for regular outdoor or aged older material followed by a thin layer for celite below the B80 to prevent powders slipping through. I can get water clear somewhere in this range just material dependent. I fully saturate my column with solvent wait a couple minutes. I turn on my recovery pump and start the hot vapor loop / continuous flow process . First i turn on my recovery pump . Next i slowly open the ball valve under my column until its barely cracked and let solvent slowly trickle through . I then open my vapor line on my collection chamber . Then finally opening my recovery ball valve on my solvent tank with solid fast consistent flow instantly . I leave the ball valve under the column barely cracked to have the longest exposure time to media .Once flow stops shut down liquid line on solvent tank and proceed with standard recovery
    2.) Recover all solvent possible without hindering recovery time . I normally pull to -5 Hg or slightly less. Reason for this is to save costs and loose the least amount of solvent per run possible . For this reason i do not normally pour i scrape .
    3.) Scrape oil into jars with thca seeds
    4.) Set vac oven temp to 120 put jars in with snug lids but not as tight as possible . Be careful about amount of residual solvent left in the jars I ALWAYS HAVE VERY LITTLE TO NONE LEFT ! No visual off gassing in large volumes very little to none . Its actually normally very thick and or starts to slightly muffin from the surface temp change so its a little messy or hard to work at times . So get it in there and get it sealed fast so it can melt done and turn to liquid so everything can be pressurized and mobile to fraction off.
    5.) Anywhere from 30-60 mins in the oven and the oil should transition from being a muffin in the sealed jar to a runny but viscous consistency like warm / hot honey or real maple syrup . As soon as its totally translucent and liquid drop oven temp between 80-110 It will start off totally clear then fog up with swirls as thca grows . This process can happen very vast or over the course of a couple hours .
    6.) Depending on desired growth time and crystal size leave the jars set for the rest of the time between 80-110 starting off low slowing increasing with time . You can do this in hours or days it all just correlates to temp. It has to warm enough for the oil to be liquid or none this will work . Obviously on fresh material we keep the numbers lower for terps for older material who cares about the terps so a little hotter and faster. The first time i did this was on accident i had no lid on my jar and pulled slight vac at 120 and had total crystallization and terp separation in 6 hours . I was trying for crumble and ended up with diamonds in 6 hours almost fully purged lol. So for this method anything over 2-3 days in the oven is really beating a dead horse for growth purposes . I have even achieved ghost diamonds on fresh material just not huge boulders using this tek .
    So thanks again #Cloroxcrew and the CRC community hope this can help some people out !

Sorry for the typos i was in rush to get this posted and had to do it on my phone . Its just a busy week for me so i wanted to get it done now !


Can you post pics of your results. Nice write up!


Can you post pictures of your setup I’m very curious.

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This is called the Jelly Tek. Super easy. When your oil is thick like jelly pour it into mason jars and cap it. I never burped them.
And personally I just used a big water bath set to 88° to put the jars in and not waste oven space.
This was the last batch I did using the Jelly Tek.


That was without crc as well. And that was only 48 hours in


Sorry to hijack your thread, just wanted to give my tek that’s almost the exact same. I was taught the way you’re doing it.
I don’t recover as deep as you. I stop st 0psi. I pour out how I’d pour out for shatter cause I really hate scraping. Then put it in the water bath with no lid until it gets to that thick jelly consistency. Then cap it once it’s nice and thick.


“jelly Tek”. Badass been looking for name for this for years!.my favorite fast tek


This is from year old outdoor material. Terp fraction is separated. The big thca chunck was over 10 grams . These were done in about 24 hours . The bottom of the thca is very white / clear the terps just color the top layer .


These are borderline ghost diamonds in my opinion . From fresh weeding cake dep . I let this sit for a really long time to see if there would be more growth . All growth stopped after 2 days i did these at a lower tempture range never got over 100 F .


Same batch just the full jar more of a clumpy sugar crystal. Theyre are still nice size chunks perfect for me cause i don’t like to break down my diamonds really . Some chunks were over .5-1 gram . Terpene retention was amazing on this batch .


So the wedding cake was from dry trim . Just very fresh right after harvest . Dont want to confuse anyone with fresh frozen



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Does jar size matter? Does this work without seed diamond?


I use the smaller wide mouth jars cause i can fit the most in my oven and they’re the best for getting everything out easily any size should work. It totally will work without a seed it just works much better with one and faster with a better crystallization. Anything helps the smallest thca seed is better then none


You say you run room temp solvent through an injection coil with just ice? How long and what diameter is your coil?

Also how much oil per jar?


I call it quick crash, usually renders small grains of thca or what I usually call terpsugar.


Thats right room temp solvent chilled through a 50ft 3/8" coil with standard ice . The year old material that i posted was no ice at all just room temp


You use this same method?

Do you bake your b80?