Need help hot jar tek fail STRESSIN OUT

I need some help im stressing out hard right now. I did a test run using the crc hot jar tek amd it worked perfect. Crc diamonds hot jar tek
I dedicated an entire run to it and now its not working.
0 out of 8 jars. (Same strain)
I put then in around 10 pm last night.
Any advice would be appreciated. Can i redissolve in butane and slab them out for shatter if this doesnt work? Or try for crytstals again? I just put a flashlight under them and all the jars have like dust specs floating in them so im assuming thats thca but at this time on the tester it was already seperating from terps.

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Sorry can’t read saw this was cbd and don’t know how that goes.

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No. But nor did i for the test jar.
The test jar was finished in 24 hrs. We are now 12 hrs into this one with essentially nothing. Specs floating around when i hit it with a flashlight

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Try and throw a seed crystal in one jar and see if it helps

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Wouldnt opening the jar mess it up


You could always add more solvent and recap


Just literally dump solvent in the jar?
Or pour into collection pot with bho?


Its not cbd i messed up tagging the thread

Open it up, scratch the bottom of the jar with a dab tool


Are you certain you left enough butane in the jar when you capped them? You can add more tane and try again, should be a jelly consistency.


When your starting off it’s best to leave a little extra solvent. Just go venting the jars so you can find the sweet spot. Once you have done it enough you will be able to eye the proper amount of solvent/oil to cap at.


whats the temp and how “runny” is it? If its under saturated with your solvent amount/temp, you could lower the temp to increase saturation.

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The og tek says he recovers to -5. I stopped at 0 psi

Pretty runny

The original tek stated he recovered to -5. I stop at 0.
Do you think i might have too much solvent?
The only difference is i capped the jars straight out of the collection pot and last time on the tester i jarred it about an hour or maybe longer after tge collection was open. I just burped the first row of jars and am now seeing more bubbles purge out into the headspace if the jars


If you wanna open the jar up, but don’t want to lose solvent, put it in the freezer for a bit first. Then put a seed in.

I’ve had the same problem with the hot tek before, I thinks it’s because I had too much solvent.


Thats what im thinking also.
Since last time i waited an hour after the pot was opened to jar them.
So how do i go about this? Burp and bump temp back up to 120 and start the tek over?

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That’s what I’ve done, I only put mine on a heatpad, so it’s probably more like 90 for me. But at that temp, I notice the crystals start pretty fast when the viscosity is just a little more runny than honey.

So, open jar, drop seed, let a little solvent evap, then jar back up and put on heat again. That’s what I’ve done in the past, and I’ve also evaporated too much solvent. I just spray some more back in, stir it up, and start over if I do.

Fyi though, I don’t have to worry about losses, so I do this kind of crap all the time. So I don’t offer any guarantees lol


Is it too late to pour them out and make shatter?

Probably, if your seeing sparkly things, that’s probably starting crystals. If you pour that out, it will most likely sugar up right away because of all the nucleation points.

Any body else care to confirm what I just said? I’m pretty sure I’m right, but I don’t wanna leave slabby in the wind.