W-1 Failure

What’s up guys, I recently decided to try out W1 from Chemtek after reading some of your glowing reviews.

I made the switch from the classic T5, Silica, and Magsil that has been yielding me great results to cut down on the number of powders being used.

However, I found W1 to be less than stellar and I’m not going to be using it again. The first run I used 100g/lb on some fire indoor trim. The color came out this weird champagne color. Very unnatural looking and not a color I’ve ever seen in my seven years extracting. I am shooting for a pale yellow that actually looks like oil.

I emailed Chemtek and they suggested bumping down to 50g/lb, and against my better judgement, I decided to try it out on the same biomass as the first run. Total wash. Color is a dark amber and the oil smells like trash.

Definitely not a return customer on this product and just wanted to give an honest review for those looking to try it out.


Sounds like u had a really dark oil to begin w. Super dark ones require special attention


Sounds like 75g/LB is where you need to be.

Yep, those weird champagne slabs are the result of TOO MUCH magic dirt. And only too much dirt WITH really dark oil.

I haven’t usedW1, but I see it with opaline silica.

Much like Goldilocks, you can actually blend “too little” & “too much” (dirt) to achieve “just right”. It helps to know (acknowledge) you missed BEFORE removing the solvent.

But you can add it back and blend (or go again with new powders if you insist)


Post pics bruh

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I ran the same material with T5, Silica, and MagSil and achieved a nice yellow color. My biggest qualm with the champagne color is that it looks unnatural.

Some pics of the product might help. Also W1 might not be the best powder for that biomass. Try a natural one like b80 instead




I am going to try 75g/lb and mix it with silica next run just bc I’m out of T5 but the main appeal of W1 to me was being a one stop shop. If I’m mixing multiple clays, I’m going to stick with T5 as it’s ~1/3 of the cost of W1. Will update with pics of all tomorrow,

I will post up pictures tomorrow after things are finished. The champagne color looks almost identical to your color in the cold vs room temp picture on IG.

Try b80

One stop shop.


Only B80 in the CRC column? At what quantity per lb?

I would love a switch from the classic three clays but so far have been disappointed by CRX, CRY, and W1. None have given me the results of the OG,

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Yeah, I use between .2-.7 cups Per lb of material, depending on material and desired outcome

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Yea sounds like the biomass is A+
W1 is acid activated which means its surface area has been modified and will bleach stronger than a natural clay and most acidic clays. B80 should give you that pale yellow you’re after


Thanks for the insight. Really appreciate it. Here’s the 100g/lb oil.

A few b80 runs from last season at different ratios


You can go heavy with b80. It’s natural so it won’t yield weird colors it will only bleach to an extent


Roger that. B80 next it is.


I can send you a bucket if you’d like for free


This is def what I’m aiming for thanks!


That would be amazing. I truly appreciate it. DMd