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I have a problem when I load pure THC distillate into my vape pens, the oil is too thick and hardens and does not want to burn. What can I do ? Does vape pen distillate always need to be diluted?

I’ve never seen a cartridge that would do well with anything above 80 - 85% total THC. If you’re distillate is purer than that on your COA’s, and you’re not diluting them with anything, then it’s probably going to be to viscous to work properly with any type of cartridge wick. Even carts that offer a preheat option tend to burn the oil that’s in the coil while preheating. Once it’s burned some oil in the coil area chances are the cart will always taste like burnt oil. If you manage to get it to work please don’t forget to update us! Good luck!

Looking through here it seems like some folks have had luck with the smallest amount of cannabis terps I can imagine (like 1-2 drops in some cases) to get cartridge oil to the right viscosity. I also forgot to mention that the size of the oil intake holes inside whatever cartridge you’re using will make a huge difference. If your carts have 1.2mm holes maybe up sizing to a 2mm will make enough difference for your purposes!

Vaporize. burning is to be avoided.

maybe try here: Thinning agent for distillate

Your problem may be your hardware, or even the way you’re filling. If the wick is not primed correctly, ie into a pre-warmed cart, it will hit dry, AND probably fail to prime.

Try using ccell hardware. Google Hamilton devices & you’ll have access to their products


Get one of the “bic cart warmers” mentioned over here?

Anyone know of a Cartridge Warmer?

No. Not with the correct hardware. Or so is the tell…

How many different types of hardware have you tried?

Your homework?

You did ask about Vape pen 2 ml info

Did you ask the vendors or the community about running them with straight distillate?

How many varieties have you tried?

How many threads on diluents have you read?

use a California Honey vape pen

…and it’s not working?

Why then are you using it?

Because it says California on it? Or because you’ve been told it it the correct tool for the viscosity you’re trying to run?

Why make us drag that info out of you? Do you believe all vape devices are created equal?!?

So have you tried others?

All that requires is wandering over to the cart peddlers section and asking for free samples…

Have you read up of available diluents? Or are you insisting on straight distillate? Because that’s what you have, or you are trying to avoid the odor of cannabis?

Give @cart.farm a call, maybe they can wolk you through this? 1/1̶ 5/2022 : the state of the c̶a̶r̶t̶s̶ farm

My friend, I really want to adapt my distillate to the California Honey vape pen. My friends just want one. Can I dilute the distillate with propylene glycol?

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You can do anything


Has anyone done this? Is glycol suitable?

You can. That would be stupid. This has been explored ad-infinitum. Avail yourself of said information or don’t.

Dunno: you could look? Search results for 'Propylene glycol cart' - Future4200

Lots of more appropriate diluents have been listed, along with hardware based solutions.


Could I use water to dilute it?


Ask @moronnabis

Might need different vape hardware…

Key here is “adapt my distillate”…and all the answers are readily available at your fingertips: Search results for 'Diluent' - Future4200

Ideally you would have stated “want to stick with xyz hardware” upfront. Although you’d still get “but why?” Especially if you start with “I wanna do this, but it doesn’t work”.

I’ve asked before, and will ask again; are you also avoiding terpenes to reduce odor?

Because many will claim (eg @Realterpsmatter) that skipping the natural cannabis derived diluents makes for a less fun ride.


He ain’t a friend if you are selling him PG cut boof.


don’t cut your carts. there are plenty of cartridges out there that vaporize disty just fine.
add terps. they will act as a thinning agent to an extent. but I wouldn’t go over 5% terps…


There’s no excuse. You can get fire 100% CDT for like $10-$15/g

Full spec sauce terps (terp fraction) for about the same ticket.

Ppl adding bogus replica “botanical” terps b/c theyre cheap.

Said it before and I’ll say it again, bogus replica terps and hot dog water is just flavored raw distillate…adds no entourage. Does not increase bioavailability…just boring distillate.

Like eating spaghetti with ketchup.

:thinking: Buddy drinking fake lemonade too prob.

yes, there IS…If the user doesn’t want terpenes.

Either because they are trying to avoid the odor of cannabis, or because they find them to be irritating.

@Beaker went to a lot of effort to remove them from his personal meds. Others have explicitly stated their need for stealth in jurisdictions where cannabis is still illegal.

OP hasn’t addressed why they’re running straight distillate.

Very helpful, I suggest instead you could

a) try and understand WHY they are running straight distillate
b) convince them of the benefits of using the natural cannabinoid diluents found in the trichome
c) offer them hardware that will actually perform with their desired input


For stealth you should be using very high quality BDTs from Ebnya or Extract Consultants with a Randy’s Inspo+ battery. No one will know it’s not nicotine.

Disty + 5% CBC could work too.

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