Thinning agent for distillate

I am new to the cartridge game what does everyone use for a thinning agent for distillate that is safe. I have heard people using MCT oil but looking online looks like it’s not safe. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Dont cut your oil would be my advice


4-8% terps


The oil is super thick

@qma has solutions for this

Get a better cart.

2.0mm aperture can handle it just fine if you are using a button-activated battery. Distillate is thick but not if it’s warm. If you add anything don’t use more than about 5%. Anymore than that you’re lying to yourself about it being too thick and you’re just cutting your oil.

For personal carts I like 5% MCT or TEC with 5-7% Terp but that’s more because I think it has better vapor production on an autodraw. If you’re using a button-activated battery you do not ever need to cut it. It can and will warm it up enough to work without anything added. If you use a buttonless battery it doesn’t work so well if it’s too thick so that’s pretty much the one exception IMO



My distillate is super thick and does NOT move unless heated. I use straight distillate in my personal carts, and 10% on carts for customers.

I’ve went thru 10 cart types, and all work well with zero issues.

I’ve bent dab tools digging out my super thick disty (at room temp- about 80*f)


thinning distillate was a necessity of the past, cart makers have caught up.




Are you trying to cut your oil or just make it usable in a cart? 5-10% terps should be more than enough

Just mix with other cannabinoids that aren’t as viscous. Where are you located?


If you’re looking for terps for your distillate shoot me a DM for a first time purchase discount.

I stopped using mct a while ago I have a flavorless odorless terpene derived 100% from hemp. It’s in my website Thinning agent for distillate


Honestly the mixture you use is one of the better formulations I’ve found. Lowers defect rate and hits better for 99% of customers. Uncut works better with an actual battery but then you have to get into the battery game.

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