Dry Sift, Kief, Hash & Bubble?

Dry Sift, Kief, Hash or “Bubble”?
What’s in a name?
That’s just the trouble!

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Not trying to start a religious war, but I would like to explore the terminology a little.

In my whirled, kief is kief is kief is kief.
it comes in different grades, and can be acquired in different manners, with different levels of preservation, but from the perspective of a plant molecular biologist, collected trichomes are collected trichomes. period.

If Bubble hash is called that because of the way it behaves at point of use, why is it synonymous with water hash?


Yes and no my big bro. From my understanding there are three types of trichromes. With that different strains have varying sizes of trichromes. This is the simple version. For you I have a more in depth university white paper.




Cannabis trichomes come in more than one flavor…

I prefer this write up.

I could have sworn I posted this image in the last two weeks, but I must have sent it to a client :slight_smile:



My understanding is that dry sift, is when there is no moisture involved besides what’s already in the buds. That can be air,ln2 or co2 assisted but no water is involved.
I’ve seen water hash be called bubble hash for two reasons, some say it’s because theres alot of bubbles in the water when mixing. Others say it was a way to define the grade of hash, usually water hash would be cleaned up enough to melt or bubble when heated.
I guess using bubble hash to refer to the technique of mixing water, ice and bud together isnt proper.
Lol where I’m from spliff meant a mix of tobacco and weed, when I went to college, people called them joints…


Exactly, I’m glad you posted that pic. So what we realized is that we needed different drums for our tumbler depending on the strain we would be kiefing. The idea is with a special microscope to measure and compile a data base of strain specific trichrome size. Depending on the strain we are kiefing we change our barrels out to the proper micron to only extract the “gold”. The rest can be extracted with BHO or ethanol but that would be B and C grade material. DM me your email and I will send you the thesis.


Our main problem explained where they talk about the three trichs. Bulbous are in the 15-30 micron range and Capitate-sessile trichomes or the “gold” are in the 70-100 micron range. So keeping out the unwanted stalks out is not a problem. But those pesky bulbous trichs that are worthless. :angry::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: We are testing a solution to this problem now and I think we have it nipped. :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


So after using a 145 micron dry sift tumbler, would you guys refine further using dry sift screens? If so at what micron do you stop?

I personally think using 70-90u would be the final screen for me as its gonna be pressed anyway, what is the benefit of sifting it all down to 25u?

120iu should stop plant material

25iu may only let the finest of kief thru, but waste 75% of it 8n the process

25 micron screens are usually used for cleaning up the kief, what drops through a 25 micron is dust, spores, leaf powder and probably some capitate sessile and bulbous trichs but to my understanding is usually thrown out. @BG305 the highest in cannabinoids and volatiles by weight is the capitate stalked trichomes. I’m assuming that’s what you meant though based on the size range you gave it. Apparently capitate stalked may start as capitate sessile though.

@cyclopath kief is a funny one, looking up the etymology of it, there are a couple definitions through time

It may come from the Persian word for “bag”

Or it may come from the Egyptian word “kayf” meaning pleasure

In Morocco kif can mean a mix of native tobacco and finely ground herb apparently.

Semantics are very interesting but also annoying when people treat words like they have one universal definition. We can try to achieve that, but expecting others to have the same definition of a word as you is how 90% of arguments start imo haha
I’ll smoke it all though my favourite is trim scissor hash from trimming undried plants… That’s the live resin right there… Would love to see that pressed through a rosin press


Well I guess I was trying to figure out why people screen their dry sift/dry ice tumbled before pressing it on a press. The pressing screens would filter out everything but the dust and other items you mentioned, so that makes sense, you don’t want dust, leaf, etc in your concentrate. I guess I was trying to figure out what I lose if I remove the 25u screen out of a ice hash/water hash/dry sift SOP. I like to combine a little of each micron together when I press to give a more “full” experience and flavor. But the 25u screens always take forever to empty the last bit of water when making ice hash, and in my experience, very low yield. 73u-120u are always my favorite sizes.

Aren’t terpenes crystalline too, or can be? Do they get dissolved into the water when washing or filtered out with the trichome heads in the varying microns? Or are they still retained inside of the various other plant pieces that are in the hash?

Some are lost to the water for sure. This is why I consider dry sift/dry ice dry sift superior to water/ice hash. Also lost would be hormones, and some flavanoids and esters to my understanding. I’d be curious to try some 25 micron sift if it was from clean canna. Probably some sessile capitates which have different cannabinoid/terpene ratios
For real though, look at my post from before

Check out the trichome heads exploded haha. Definitely loss happening there. Probably some cannabinoids in the water even.

Just because things are immiscible doesn’t mean they cant be held in suspension/mixed. Look at salad dressing for instance. I would be super curious to see the water analyzed. I know when NORML did a test on bong water they found it was actually filtering out more cannabinoids then tar.


when bubble man made his bubble bags. it was
because of the bubbles mixing your leaf and water.
so water made hash was called bubble hash.
was a catchy name to sling his bags. bubble hash.

Agreed. I think a confusing part of the terminology is due to unnecessary branding. I still call it bubble because that’s what I was taught but really it’s nothing more than marketing. As for why you’d do kief or bubble, there’s a lot of factors there. I personally think bubble is better for lower quality material

Bubble should probably be reserved to people with a freeze dryer or at the very least a moisture controlled clean room. Otherwise it’s rolling the dice on contaminants. It also will degrade if you don’t dry it properly. Many will argue that a freeze dryer ruins the terps so some swear by dry sift but to get worthwhile results you need to clean it up still. You usually want to separate the trichome heads or else you can get some weird rosin. Ive pressed kief that looked and smelled incredible but yielded less than flower and came out awful. Kief as I know it is usually just a byproduct from harvesting. Every company I’ve worked for just sold kief as is because it sold really well and took zero effort to produce.

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I am trying to figure out the best way to dry out ice hash. Ultimately I want to press it all through 25u screens. Do you think that a desiccator or freeze drier would be better and why? I am leaning towards a vacuum desiccator that I can let sit over night or for 24 hrs and come check when I have time.

Live Hash without Dry Freezer?
vacuum desiccate vs freeze dryer?
not a whole lot in it…run what you brung :wink:

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Awesome! I had not found that in my searching of this site thus far - thanks much :slight_smile:

Found a good video for anyone who wants to see what it looks like when you freeze dry water hash and a little bit of info on how to do it: How to Freeze Dry Bubble Hash - Lowtemp Plates - YouTube