Live Hash without Dry Freezer?

Hi I am kinda new, I’ve been reading and reading. No I thought I’ll write a bit. Hey Guys Just trying to make some live hash rosin with my new toys. Plants are not ready yet. How can i achieve this?

I do have a 4 cfm vacuum pump. and a pressure cooker i tapped a vaccum line into with a seal and a poly-carbonate lid. Which i could potentially use as a dry freezer. Now here is another out of a box solution for the cold.

I believe the dry freezers work on staying in a sweet spot of pressure and temperature where the water can easily switch from liquid to a solid state.

For this i thought i could drill a hole in the P’cooker. and get a cable going in there.
Get a 12V prefably high AMP computer psu or something.
And some peltier plates.

I know from recent research that these plates can get quite cold if the hot side stays cold.

Maybe using a thermal adhesive to adhere it to the base of the Pressure cooker. on the side near the wall. attaching some sort of radiator / heat sink. to the cold side of the peltier plate to act as a water condenser / freezer.

Now i would stick the pressure cooker on saltwater / ice @ -30 C till it got freezing cover it in a duvet or something. then turn on the power supply for the peltier, wait for that to get really cold keep an eye with IR Temp gun. then stick my hash in the side of the pressure cooker. seal. lid
Then Start Vac. keep eye on vapor and pressure in the vessel.
find a sweet spot.

Now the question is. If i stick silica to absorb the moisture is that going to affect me?
Any ideas anyone ?
Any other ways to make Live hash rosin without Super expensive lab gear?
What about Dry ice hash and pressing that. pros / cons??

I do have a CLS, i could just wack it in there but i want to squish something :smiley:
Its all personal hobby stuff and my runs are going to be a tiny fraction of what you guys normally run.
I love the love here. All you guys make this page a really good source of information. Thanks for being you guys!.

Also i am going to be making, or trying to make some live sauce bho / diamonds. with a lemon sativa.

Thanks again. let me know how crazy my idea is.


ok, so it is possible to make a diy freeze dryer. all that is needed is a vaccum chamber, freezer, and a cold trap to protect the pump from moisture. set your sample in your vaccum chamber and place the entire thing inside the freezer, after an hour or so once everything is frozen turn on your pump. The pump will run constantly for 24-35 hours depending on the amount of stuff you froze and the water content it has. Around the 24 hour mark the freezer temp can be left to drift to room temp by unplugging it. most of the moisture will be gone by this point, warming up ensures the last little bits will get removed. If your freeze drying useing dessicants is unnesserry. l_1800

Desiccator%20Setupthis is your other option, you can pull a vaccum on this and fill with dessicants and leave at room temp, although it’s not freeze dryed it would
be vaccum dessicated.
pictures courtasy of google!


yes sir vacuum chamber and a freezer will get it done


That a big freezer for reasonable vacuum chamber.

On youtube, a guy freeze dries ice cream with just a flask, cold trap and vacuum. Just freeze the flask in alcohol dry ice slurry real well and vac. So much cooling power is generated by the water sublimation that flame can be applied to the flask after a time. Made me think I could do the same with flower in a flask, but haven’t tried.

That perticular model is meant for taxidermy, I just wanted to illustrate the idea. The lower shelf used to freeze your next dead amimal. A flask could be placed in a cold enough ice chest, freezer, or bath.

I admire the thought you have put into this!

As far as silica gel absobant goes, I often eat a light breakfast at Starbucks nearby. Recently they began offering crisp coconut strips in a chip style bag. Not fried and a very clean snack. In each individual pouch there is a brown paper sealed sack that contains silica to keep those unfried coconut strips crisp for long duration.

Easy of course to discard but if swallowed? I sorta doubt Starbucks would put something in a chip bag that posed any serious threat to a person not watching for it and who swallowed it. It is simply unprofitable for customers to see other customers suddenly clutching their throats and turning purple and there is just no way corporate leadership would allow that. The approach I would suggest is a search for food desicant makers like the chip bag kind and ask them about it.

You asked how crazy is your idea? I give it a three on a scale of one to three, but I am not saying which end is the sane end and which is crazy. It is the new nicer me. :innocent:


For personal use, just dry it on cardboard or a pizza box and keep it cool, smoke the best melt and press the rest. It will be a little darker but not bad.

Those homemade freeze dryers look pretty sweet though

Sorry for a late reply. Just busy with life and work.

Thank You for all your input. Very informative stuff.

Just trying to preserve as much of the terpene profile as possible, to be able to then mechanically separate out the thca out of it and re introduce it. in an effort to make solvent-less sauce. I don’t Know What I am doing! Hahahah Thanks for the input. I feel i am going to buy some of these Peltier Plates Just to see what i can do with them :). Perhaps a plug in cold trap :D. I don’t like the idea of buying dry ice just to do this.

Q1. As far as desiccants do they steal lots of terpenes?
Q2. In relation to solventless extracts, how different would and extract be from freeze dryed bubble hash as opposed to vaccum dessicated.

Any other recommendations and ideas are welcome in regards to making hash for mechanical extraction.


Did you end up trying the coldtrap?

Not sure how those are really a whole lot different.

Unless you deliberately heat while “vacuum desiccating”.

“freeze then suck”, vs “suck & it froze” seemed to work equally well in my hands when used to preserve both DNA (tissue) samples & labile secondary metabolites.

Simply placed under vac, my fungal samples were usually frozen in under 10min. Not sure the corn leaves took that long.

one is a hair gentler on your sample.

If the goal is preserving terps, water hash is a bad choice, in that you’ll be loosing anything that’s water soluable. If you want to make hash, dry ice is the way to go.


Or liquid nitrogen


Liquid nitrogen is far superior, especially for scaling up the process.


It’s also really fun to play with. And surprisingly not that expensive


Are you familiar with live hash rosin? Very terpy, competiting with any live resin if not better.


Could you link the youtube video? Im struggling to find it.