Anyone tried using Luna Tech?

Hello folks,
My bosses like the idea of automation that comes with Luna Tech.
I think automation could be the future when the cannabis industry scales up.
I am scared that it might be adding more parts that can break.
And when it breaks it would be harder to fix them.
Also the cost to automate a BHO unit and the cost to maintain the automation might not even be that cheaper than the labor.

If anyone has experience using the Luna Tech, it would be most appreciated if you can share your experience with it.


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Don’t forget me and big oil Jon


There is a lot of stuff on here about it, some good some bad, most of the bad stuff on here is their early versions. We have been running our luna non stop for a couple years now.

The automation is solid and isnt something that really fails, we have replaced no automation parts on our two systems, and we have swapped out maybe 3 valves.

Automation is most definitely the future if you want to stay ahead in this industry and the luna requires about 5-10 minutes of labor every hour or 1.5 hours depending on the recipe you are using.


two people that havent ran an updated luna… your input is valid if they are buying a used older model but honestly the newer versions do not have the same issues you guys had.


I’m gonna buy another on this year


also the past…skunkpharm got into automation very early in the game.

see: 15.27 Automating the Extraction Process - GrayWolf's Lair
and Butane Extractors! What needs to be automated? - #20 by Graywolf


Idk why I didn’t see this thread when I searched. Thanks

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Their youtube channel is chock full of excellent videos.


I just built a facility with one for a client.
New model


I liked the list @cyclopath posted about the cool mods you guys have on yours



What kinds of extraction efficiency are you guys seeing?

Are you able to pull 80%+ of available cannabinoids with 2 soaks?

We usually leave behind 2-4% in the biomass. As with any system its material and prep work dependent.

how are you prepping?

by 2-4% you mean that if the biomass tests at 20% yo are able to extract 100% of 16-18%?

How hard is it to understand efficiency? He literally gave you the numbers.

Aren’t you like against crop steering and automation? Maybe you should KISS hash making too.


We dont really prep our material much, we take it how it comes and run it. Its not worth the time (for us at least)
If its buds we run full buds if its trim we run it all trim, if its ground up preroll material we run it as such.

I’m saying when we test our spent biomass we usually leave behind 2-4% thc. This varies with material consistency, incoming potency and strain dependent too.

You need to keep in mind pretty much every system on the market does the same overall process, it fills the material column with solvent and then it soaks for x amount of time, sometimes no soak at all and then it drains. There isnt anything novel about this step and your efficiency will not differ from any other system unless you do something different. like re-circulation or agitation. Luna does do one thing that’s somewhat novel and that is a pressure soak, after its done filling it will take the vapor from your collection and build pressure in your material column. This is an option you can set in your recipe, and we have found it does help keep the yields more consistent and slightly improved vs a static soak. it also speeds up the drain time and cuts the overall run time down.


Thank you for the detailed response. Jack and them should pay you for all the positive info you put out about their products.



Although just dropping more toys off would work for me :shushing_face:


Before I pull the trigger on this one I’m gonna mention I’d like the Cyclopath/Eugene-Boys mods. Since these don’t exist as a package yet you should nudge them into seeing the value in cutting you a check to realize your innovation as added value for their system.

Those are mostly about blowing hot smoke up its arse…

Two 3-way valves, a check valve, a hose, and a couple of swagelok fittings.

It was @thesk8nmidget who added the “push on CRC”, and rotated my sampling valve at the bottom of the reactor. I can only take credit for the compression fittings on the pour spout…working with this team is a joy…