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Let me explain a little further here. Around two years ago I had just learned about winterization and how it’s pretty much lipid filtering to make a clearer concentrate. So I also knew about rso and so I decided to try something for the sake of seeing what would happen. I didn’t at the time have a closed loop I used a closed column.

So my process was blast an ounce into a round bottom flask and then wait till the butane was gone and vacuumed it out in the vac oven for 5 mins no heat. Then I added ugh proof food grade alcohol and washed that flask. While all that was going on there is an 8th of whole nug in the freezer in a round bottom flask cause at the time I learned how cold temps strip terps and had no access to dry ice. After the wash to the vacuumed concentrate I pour that over the frozen nugs and do a wash to the nugs with non-filtered pre-winterized alcohol mixture. I do a traditional filtration with a regular funnel into a glass beaker then vacuum filter with a buchner funnel. At the time I tractional distilled it and then poured it onto a pyrex dish and let it evaporate.

Two days later it was the most intense oil I ever dabbed in my life and only what i can describe as if BHO fucked EHO.

I recreated the experiment a few times but this year I did it differently and I feel more effectively. I used my cls and did a pour up and purged it for an hour without heat. Took it and then washed it I washed it over and 8th of frozen nugs but added dry ice and let it strip more out. Did a regular funnel then a vacuum filtration the.n rotovapped it and then let it sit in my heated vacuum chamber for 87°F for a few days.

It’s really great and i learned you can mix and match terps. Like the weed you used to make the bho you wash those terps can be over powered by the weed your washing.

I want to patent the idea


How did you come to the conclusion that terpenes are more soluble in cold solvent?

The solubility of a gas in a liquid will generally decrease when temperature is increased…which is why we purge in ovens.

However, the solubility of most solids (in a liquid solvent) increases with increasing temperature.


Hydrocarbon & Ethanol extraction are both done at lowered temperatures to avoid picking up unwanteds, not because the cold increases the solubility of our target(s).

While the ethanol cut of a BHO extract will have a slightly different profile than an ethanol extraction of the same material, I don’t see how this tek is a whole lot different than extracting weed with ethanol that has already been used to extract weed. eg Bucket Tek (Cold Ethanol Extraction on a Budget)

Not saying you didn’t make great dabs…but I am suggesting the patent examiner might barf at a) the concept of cold stripping more terps, or b) the “novelty” of extracting weed with ethanol that has weed extract in it already.

Unless of course you can demonstrate that terpenes give off heat when dissolved in ethanol (the reaction is exothermic).


So a properly done bho extraction can definitely have different terpenes than even the best ethanol extraction, due to the polarity and bp of each solvent and the target terpenes.

I think that all of those additional bho terpenes would be lost to the ethanol as soon as you mixed it.

Unless the butane is extracting and leaving behind something that modifies the proceeding ethanol soak. If this is the case, you will need to be able to explain what it is that’s being extracted and why it helps. Otherwise I agree with @cyclopath afa this being no different than a multi batch ethanol soak.


Honestly I was seriously just thinking a lipid is a lipid and thought there’s more fat cells in whole material than just oil so combining the two wouldn’t be too hard to filter. I just noticed that effects are changed as well. I mean there’s a difference in effect. Like I can put four 8ths of four different strains in my one ounce column and extract four 8ths of whole leaf in ethanol and yeah the terps will combine in either batch. But there’s something about it. It’s profile changes and its potency changes… I have to make three separate batches one EHO,Bho and one super wax and get each batch tested. Cause there’s a difference. Maybe it could be small batch produced for vape cartridges due do potency and flavors. Who knows. But it’s something.

yeah, if there is a difference, it would have to be the hydrocarbon extracted terpenes acting as cosolvents on the second extraction.

:popcorn: awaiting those test results.


I will be making a batch of “super wax” this month and it will be strictly for testing. I think you are correct with the theory that the terpenes are a co-solvent. I am only allotted a certain personal budget a month for personal use so I will have nothing to compare this to. I honestly am just excited to provide the community with data for a different and highly unorthodox extraction technique.

I read into the bucket tech with the re-washes. Well that right there is where it differs. You are not washing cannabis with an alcohol extract you’ve already done to remove more and/or the rest off the plant matter. You are washing cannabis with dry ice in an emulsified hydrocarbon extract that’s raw (raw as in unfiltered and contains all the lipids and is still cloudy af).

That’s why I say it’s like if bho and eho had a fucked up stoner kid “super wax” would be that fucked up stoner kid.

Id love to try that super wax! one day when this is federally leagal we can send eachother products!


Now that I know the purge temp for eho I think the next time do it will be incredible. I swear to god I one day said to myself “I wonder if it would be better”. It’s just … It’s unreal. I urge everyone to give it a go. literally that moment where you go, “oh shit you can do a lot with this method” is the moment I want a dm.

One thing that I still wanna try is emulsifying live resin right after extraction and washing a frozen uncured 8th of cannabis with dry ice and that emulsified live resin. I wonder if it would boost the potency of live resin while maintaining the natural terps.

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I’m trying to figure out this potency boost. You aren’t changing the chemical so it shouldn’t be getting more “potent” because you are adding together two solvents. What I think is happening is your boiling off some terps and a few other things during your purging process with the etoh. Giving you a higher concentration of thc vs terpenes resulting in a different high than if you smoke it by it self. The other possibility is you are getting an entourage affect by mixing various terpenes and cannabinoids


Most likely

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Hi @all I did my tech but I think I used too much a.c. For my filtration. I only use cocoanut derived bella labs a.c. And Harris food grade d.e. Not celite 545. Cause of expenses. I made stuff that looked like bird poop and had the consistency of like a hollowed honeycomb. It was white like white out. Water clear during filtration here are pics.


@lexiiii121 is the first user ever who admitted to using my tek and got good results.


sweet, gimme a dab!


Photo Guide

between step 3 and 4 you want to shake till dissolved.

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It’s more a terp boost but I’ve yet to get a batch tested side by side too confirm it but it seems to be a cleaner more flavorful high. I believe I was too noobish to explain it coherently when I first joined. I wish I waited to drop my tek so I could’ve sounded smarter.

No comment.


In the name of science - why do you believe this method produces a ‘terp boost’ compared to normal BHO? Have you tried purging regular old BHO and comparing your two end products? Do you have quantitative data to validate which product has a higher total terpene content?

What temp is the ethanol when you extract the fresh nugs? Have you performed residual ethanol testing? What do you mean by emulsified? Is it not fully dissolved?

Have you considered the reason your extract tastes to good could be because there is a hint of residual ethanol left? I have done this and made some excellent tasting EHO, but never passes residual solvent testing.

Sorry for all the questions. First time I’m hearing about this method and am curious.


No it is and no I haven’t done testing at all for comparison but I fell off going further with this after I needed to focus on my cls build.

I’m slowly coming back to this and I think @Apothecary36 is gonna try it out and post results for everyone.

But yeah I think the terp boost is from washing nugs after doing the etoh wash to the bho. I think you’re gaining a bit of extra terps from that one step or so it’s always seemed


Have you run many more experiments regarding this technique?

I’m interested in replicating your results

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