Promotion for extraction centrifuge, short path distillation, rotovap, falling film evaporator and so on

Good day Everyone,

There is Promotion for following equipment on December and I can supply discount price for you

1) Hemp extraction centrifuge

2) Falling fim evaporator ( From 50L/H to 200L/H )

3) Rotary evaporator ( From 2L to 100L )

4) Short path distillation ( From 2L to 20L )

5) wiped film/molecular distillation

6) jacketed glass/stainless steel reactor, storage tank

7) Chiller/ vacuum pump

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Whatsapp:+86 15037171596
Instagram: terry_lanphan

If you want discount price for some equipment
pls DM me for discount price

Welcome to your inquiry!!!


I bought a rotovaporator from them months ago. Just for personally use and wow did it pull a vacuum. No leaks what so ever, haven’t tested the vacuum strength but I get condensing at 38-40c. Overall I was extremely satisfied with the buying process. We ended up going through Alibaba because I was worried because it was my first purchase over seas. It came in a week right to an apartment. (And no I don’t use it inside of an apartment😂) but No complaints.

Recently I over tightened my condenser and the platice piece that screws on the condenser to the unit broke and within 48 hours it was shipped for 13$.

Ive seen some bad and some good posts on lanphan but I was very satisfied. Hope yours is too if you decide!

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Thank you for your support friend.

I have been supply good price, quality equipment and after-sale service to you and my all customers.
Now there is new promotion on this month and i can supply better price to you if you want to buy anything.

Thanks a millsion for your support and if you have other requirement, pls contact me anytime and i am here for you.

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Now there is promotion for all labs equipment and I will supply 10 discount price foto anyone.

Also the seckilling price of 50L rotovap with automatic lift is 3215 USD and this price is valid within 3 days.

so if you want to buy it, pls DM me and i will send the quotation to you.