Opaline Silica Thread

I wanted to make a thread specifically for Opaline silica since so many ppl have reached out to me about it.

This thread is meant for performance tests / reviews / questions on this new absorbent.

I am still waiting to get my hands on some since I was told about this at day 3 of the GLG meet up at MJBIZZCON.

I know several of you have reached out to me for the contact on this product, I’d like it if we could all post results here to compare

I was told this is only meant for BHO

I guess ethanol will dissolve this silica

Shout out to @Photon_noir for this!

@Dred_pirate, @J12, @ScoobyDoobie, @DUMPSTERFIREOG


We have a bulk supply request processing for it.

That contact info goes to an executive at the company. I imagine he’s getting drowned in sample requests.


How much is it , I gotta try some. So this will be used alone w maybe celite?

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You only need this absorbent, nothing else according to @Photon_noir


Do you have pricing for it?

Its supposed to be cheaper then any other media


Waiting on container pricing. “Cheaper” can be relative since media is sold by the ton and handling adds COGS. I’m sure it will be it the B80 range or better.

Keep in mind, being able to use it by itself automatically reduces costs regardless of bag price.


That’s my whole point

If it’s like B80 you’re better off buying bulk since its dirt cheap

You’ll pay more for shipping then you will for the powder


For sure, I understood what you meant. For operations that dont mind warehousing multiple pallets it will be better that way. Every time a pallet gets broken down and resold it adds time, labor, shipping costs even between end users sharing media. So theres a bulk landed price, and then there’s a distributed model.

B80 is literally dug out of the ground and put into bags. Doesnt get much cheaper than that from a production standpoint.


They sell pallets already packaged though

That’s kinda why I’m surprised you bought a ton for testing

Especially after you were bashing it on IG without even talking to @Photon_noir first

A pallet is either a ton or half ton depending on the media. Everyone wants to try what @Photon_noir is teaching us so that volume would disappear really fast even in testing.


I was pointing out that there are various forms of “opaline silica” and that some of them are hazardous. You know that in this industry people will google a term and buy the cheapest version of a product to save on costs. If that version isn’t what the correct media is then it’s worth knowing the risks, right?


My question is why were you saying not to use it on IG before even talking to photon though?

You deleted the post but you basically said it was dangerous

Yet now you’re trying to supply everyone with it

Doesnt make sense


I’ve stayed true to only my t41 for almost a year now, but I guess I could give this silica a try :sunglasses:


to make money on it…LOL

He supplies absorbents and what people ask for. Sure the solvents arent that safe to huff either…he still sells them

happy kwanza!


we’ve been using acetone washed ultra fine play sand. Wash it in warm acetone, Buchner and then vac oven at 200F overnight. Works as good as celite 545 is reusable if you wash it after use and doesn’t cost anything in comparison to how pricy celite 545 is when it’s not reusable. Also won’t slip past your filter paper if you don’t have a stainless micron filter yet. I usually load the sand under vacuum as well by pulling a vacuum on the bottom of the column when I load it, don’t pack it too hard or it will limit your flow rate.

Also it’s super useful for heating and dissolving shitty oil into it before you run it through CRC, I found it to be the easiest way to do it and when you’re done you just unbolt the portion containing your sand for washing and reuse later. I’ve seen absolutely no loss of yield to the sand, it’s not an effective adsorbent and I have not seen anything to suggest it holds on to anything when it’s blasted, always washes clean after the first time.

Just something I thought could be helpful I use it but If anyone has a reason not to use sand, I’d be all ears if it’s harmful or something.


I talked to Photon and corrected my post. We have an OilDri account and can make it available. Did I piss you off or something?


So basically you’ll spew misinformation to protect your absorbents till you find out something you cant stop is coming and then you join up?



I just find it funny you deleted your post bashing this stuff

Atleast you admit you bashed it before you even talked to anyone about it xD

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I deleted the post after asking Photon if he wanted me to delete it after our conversation. Also, that SDS that had me spooked was for opaline silica from a different manufacturer…if you read the original post content you would remember that I said anything other than amorphous would be hazardous.

Some retailers are selling talc for PR, some are selling ground up quartz as filter aid. I was trying to avoid a mad dash for a new product based on google searches alone.

But I’m not gonna argue about supply chain with you. I apologize for taking an alarmist approach before talking to photon. Supplying this community with the right absorbents is kinda of what we do. I didnt intend on trying to steal the spotlight from this development…Photon has revolutionized this game from water clear distillate onwards and will always be the patron saint of cannabis oil processing.


if you cant beat them…join them!!! :rofl::joy::rofl:

i guess i missed that post…everyone is sooo serious today. I hope everyone had a great christmas!

and im just joking around…trying to lighten the mood…