Jet-Fueler Semi-Automatic Cartridge Filler

Hello again F4200!

By overwhelming popular request, we decided to make a semi-automatic version of our Vape-Jet system to be more accessible to those not doing high enough volumes to justify the price tag of the fully automatic system.

The Jet-Fueler is a semi-automatic cartridge filling system with the following features:

  • 3 independent software controlled PID heat zones. (Chamber, Reservoir, Needle)
  • NIST calibration traceable pharmaceutical grade pumping system.
  • Independently controllable syringe pull-back and push-down speeds.
  • Independently controllable syringe dwell times. (Charge, Dispense, Backoff)
  • High quality 1L reservoir made by N.B. Oler.
  • Fluid safe PTFE dispensing lines.
  • High viscosity detection and pump recovery. (System can detect a stall on the pump motor, and re-gear on the fly to finish the dispense.)
  • N2 assisted fluid path, allowing lower temp dispense, and pressurization during heating.
  • Mechanical ceramic valves, eliminating maintenance needs commonly encountered with one-way-valves.
  • Touchscreen interface for configuration and setup. Foot-pedal for hands-free operation.
  • Ethernet connection for remote troubleshooting / software upgrades.
  • Luer-Lock connection for changing needle sizes / types.
  • Easy and fast clean-in-place procedure for end of day cleanup and oil recovery.

We will be going to market at MSRP of $10k as soon as we finish up all the documentation and product resources. The hardware design has been finalized and extensively tested, and the software is in a ‘working’ state with a few features still under development. (Software is remotely update-able.)

We would like to offer a limited release here to F4200 members in exchange for honest (and public) product feedback and reviews. This limited release will end as soon as we have sold out of this first production run. (4 total machines, one already earmarked for @SanitatemDime)

If you are interested in one of these systems, please reach out to me directly and we can work out a good discount. We just received stock in, and are beginning the build process. The first unit will be shipping this Friday, with the remainder due next Friday.

15% down reserves your spot, with the balance due upon shipping.

I am happy to discuss the performance, characteristics, or any other technical details here. Demos are available in the Portland, OR area as well.


Can we see a video of it filling carts and another on how to clean it ?


100% you can :wink: It’ll be a week or so.

As stated, I don’t have the full documentation or media package put together yet, but working towards that. I have to go do a site-visit with one of our local customers next week, and will drag along the Jet-Fueler to grab some video and do an IG live segment.


Does it come with doom preinstalled? Hahahahahahaha keep up the great work guys


Legally, I have to publicly state ‘no’

However, if one were to load the WAD files on the machine after asking the customer if they have a legal copy of DOOM, I think we are in the clear =)


This is awesome. I keep imagining it with a dispensing wand.

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YES!!! It’s what the Duke could of been!!!



It is a possibility with this platform, but we have some issues to work out first regarding materials and heating. Having a longer dispense path also introduces a lot of issues with accuracy and repeatability. I’m currently doing some R&D on it, but no promises on that.

Wand-style is a nice goal to have, but to get it accurate, repeatable, and quick enough to slap our name on is going to require more than just sticking a heated hose and needle on :wink:

That said, the bottom connection is a stainless steel luer lock adapter, clamped in place by an aluminum block with a heater cartridge and thermocouple. If you wanted to experiment with wands, you can just attach your hose to the luer adapter :slight_smile:

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When I get my unit one of my first missions is to test it with a wand. Just have to jerry rig a repeatable syringe to the luer lock and hope for the best

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As far as cleaning, you pretty much just fill the reservoir with your solvent of choice and run the pump on the system. I’ve found the valve is better behaved if you pull it off the machine every 3000g or so and give it a soak but the material I’m running is super variable in viscosity so if you’re doing disty/terps at a consistent ratio those valve cleanings may not be necessary. These machines are badass though, and the guys at VapeJet go above and beyond on customer service.

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how much is this very bad boy? Do I need to look thru my fingers as I read the response?

I think he said 10k

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It says it right there in the original post…

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Can I just bring in cash locally for one? I’m in pdx area.

We do accept cash here in PDX and can do local pickup. However, due to the nature of startup/scaling, we still need advance notice and to schedule it. These are not just sitting on shelves yet :grin:

We have had a lot more interest than I imagined / anticipated. My teams focus this next week is to get more of these built, as well as a more polished UI / software package. That said, PM me and we can get you on the schedule.

We are super happy with out automated machine! Keep up the great work @VapeJet


You’ve got to build mine first :pray:.

These machines are going to change the game. Once I configure the wand to it it’s game over

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How much does such equipment cost? How to deliver? How many can be injected per hour?

they should run duke nukem on the duke!

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Can these fills pods as well?